Age of the arrival of the relics

Luang Phor explains why so many relics are found in this time: this is the civilize era, the era in which appear the most relics. When we look back in the past, about 2000 years, there was still no relics. But at this time there are numerous relics and everything happens. Everything happens when Buddha came. Before Buddha was born, everything that could receive it, paving the way was created in advance. Including the Phra Narai PHR Phrom, Phra Mae Torani, and many sacred things, relics, Phet Phayanak. Also Luang Pu Mokkalana was born. Luang Phor paints a picture of Luang Pu Mokkalana and Luang Pu Mokkalana is born. After Phra Sri Lankan, the right wrist, as a base. All these relics are main relics. The tooth and the blood are main relics.

During this period, the Buddhist relics appear. Create or erbetet they arise. a religion is preserved, if we care for them. Some people ask why Buddha does not preach. Why should preach Buddha, where there already is a Tripitaka. Buddha has preached 2,000 years ago. He has constantly gepredit. Luang Phor used his teaching that there is numerous. Therefore seem the relics in this age. In the civilize age. It doesn’t matter what time, when this time is over, so the relics will be created in the new era. That is the goodness of Buddha, to continue the religion.