Buddhas tooth

Buddha’s tooth and Buddha’s blood came at the same time and were very impressed by Luang Phor.

Luang Phor didn’t before, that also a tooth of the Buddha would come, so asking he Phra Mokkalana, and learned that there were three things of Buddha, which have not been burned:

  • be fingernail
  • be blood
  • be tooth

Luang Phor found the relics of the Buddha statue of Phra Tokotama. It is written so in the legend that these three relics belong together. It happened when Buddha was 58 years old. Buddha had tooth pain, it says so in the Tripitaka.

As Buddha had toothache, he rested on the Khao Khitchakut. He sent to the doctor Chiwok. Many people make Buddha had gathered already there, because they are worried. The doctor however said that they should all go home, so Buddha has his peace. There is good medicine and the tooth would heal. When Buddha saw that his tooth caused such a commotion, he withdrew themselves. Midnight sent Phra Mokkalana Buddha for the doctor and his students. When they came to him, she saw that his mouth filled with blood. Phra Mokkalana took a golden tray and put on the tooth. Buddha told him that he should take care of it. The angels made ready already because they wanted to have the tooth. Phra Mokkalana but hid the tooth under a pile of stones of three stones in the Sukorn Khata cave, Khao Khitchakut in India.

Buddha asked Phra Mokkalana, where he hid the tooth. He replied that he well hid him and Buddha was satisfied.

Phra Mokkalana had intended that that something should be done in this time.