The 12 rules of the Dharma teaching

Amen, I raise the hands over my head and worship the Buddha’s teachings, which he summed up as “Dharma” for us.

He knew everything that happens before: each flood, every poor people lack connection, all that, what causes us problems. He will accompany anyone who is good in the sky. He summarizes everything in the M.S. 5. The civilize era emerges in a Government that emerged in a leadership succession through roll-over. All people in every corner of the country are upset due to the greed of some people who want to have a political post, no matter at what cost.

Once there is a woman who runs the country as head of State to prosperity. Other times there are many people who support the religion. The civilize arises from all three elements era and different people gather all in one place. You people, wasted your time with other things, until it is too late. The country will flow from the North to the South, such as clay, which is mixed with water.

A flood will rise up and destroy everything. An army of dragons, snakes, as big as trees, gather in the South. People try to flee before the masses of water, because the elements sit. They don’t know where they should flee, because there’s nothing as water in all directions.

During this time, the bad people ruin the environment.
Dangerous animals distribute themselves, snakes and crocodiles. People are exploited, if people believe not on the religion and does not adhere to the doctrine, but want power. Them must be explained that they are age in the civilize and SAEN Chani lives the true ruler in ban. Where the nail is held by Pu Yai Mokkalana. He said that there will be a flood in which many people die from anger, there’s a thunderstorm and earthquake. Suriyathat will appear without notice. Phra Narai will fit up and all the saints will make sure that the religion will continue.

There will be a Dragon-Snake, named Maharuet, is born as a human being and helping to continue the religion. The North and the Northeast will evolve further. Central Thailand is haunted by a flood and inundated. 7 high personalities of the Royal House will come and help support the religion and era to rebuild a new civilize.

The footprint, the relics, the blood, the crystals, the ash, which has prepared the Buddha for us, serve as evidence and are written in the rocks, you bring fame and fortune to the cities of Nakhon Saen Kham, Nakhon son Mueang, Wat Prathat Mueang BUA Temple. Nakhon Champa SI in Khon Kaen province, Wat Huai due in the province of Loei and Kalasin province have helped. 72 people have lobbied for the religion. You have alternated themselves and supported each other, and helped so that the fame across the country could be spread.

Go no further in the dark, but take that, which is quite close to you. There is only one way you can take. Buddha says that the rich are so poor, such as the poor and the poor more will have no trouble to be fed. Because they have a pure heart. It will go bad but the rich, because they have not donated.

Although they are rich, so nothing is left for them when they die.

He knows everything and he everything remembers who does good and who doesn’t. He recorded it for the torture master of hell. We need to stick together and keep us on the teaching, to liberate us from bad karma.

Concentrate and get rid of your whims, because that distracts you from the prayers. Let free us from our sins, because we are all facing. Those who have no Dharma, not see it and go the wrong way. And they maintain no friendly dealings with each other, they think only of himself. Here, knows everyone, what is wrong and what is good and we should be all in the right way. Then we’re fine and we meet Sam Rom Phot, Phra drew, Phra Khotamo, Phra Pachek Phutha Chao.

We need to turn to them. Phra Kassapa knew where is Buddha’s tooth, he went out there and hit on the finger nail in the city Mueang Kotraphu, together with the relics.

There went also Phra iodine, like it Phra in has recorded. And the blood found guarded by a giant in the Brahmanical Temple San Phra Phrom. After this it was owned by Luang Phor Pharansi, he is Phrayatham.

Phra Narai then protected the sanctuaries and wrote 6 chapters, which were kept in Nakhon phanom province, in the San Phra Phrom, the sleeping place of Buddha.

600 years later came to Suvarnabhum 12 monks and paid homage to Luang Phor Tokotama (he is now in WAT Pa Kham Bon). Residents of various cities are in favour of this and support it. Let’s together created a new home us with Buddha and a flourishing civilize created era.