Buddha’s hair

When Buddha’s hair came to us in the world, the world was completely dark. The world of angels was dark, because everything had to be completed, so that the hair could come to us. Otherwise the angels could not leave this us. The hair came to us, so that we humans can worship you and we can make an image as a sacred legacy. When we have finished the Glass Pavilion, then we get a part of Buddha’s robe (which was set on fire but not burned).

Luang Phor has prepared the arrival and advance to build a pavilion. As this was a year-long completed, Luang Phor announced the date of arrival, so that all could jointly take the robe.

There are some people where greed is awakened, if such things happen. They have offered 10 million baht as the purchase price for the footprint between 5 – Luang Phor. Luang Phor but said that Buddha relics not for sale are available to you. Luang Phor asked us to honor the relics, so the next generation learns that sacred things are this will enter 10 in the story for the next 5, 20 years. As a positive story, the located in NA Chaluai contributed to.