History of Suriyathat

The Phuphalarnsong is a temple associated with the Maha Nikaya clergy. The national Buddhism Office announced the establishment of the Phuphalarnsong Temple am1. May 2007. The temple is on the Summit of Phalarnsong mountain built (the word “Phalarnsong” meaning stone plateau), na Chaluai is 4 km east of the district. This temple is promoted na na Chaluai of Ubon Ratchathani province Chaluai district by the inhabitants of the municipality. The monastic community chose as their Abbot Phra Khru Thammathorn (Phrarangsi Chan Park) on June 11, 2007. The ceremonial opening took place on July 23, 2007, with the Princess Prathep as opening Executive Board.

Due to the convenient location of the temple, in a wooded area, meditation teachers often take their students there and teach the spiritual practice regularly, as there is still no temple stood. The monastic community traditionally uses this place for ritual practices for lent (ook Phansa).

The Phuphalarnsong Temple is emerged from the efforts of both parties, the monastic community as well as local residents. The Buddhist teacher, who built the Temple first, is Phra Khru Wibun Thammathada, former Dean of the District of Det Udom. He made the forest buildable land and made the necessary sleeping and living areas, since 1975. During this time, malaria was widespread, which greatly hampered the construction of the temple. This hampered the search after young monks who should spend their Lenten season.

Phra Khru Wibun Thammathada was the former abbot of Ubon Ratchathani province, consciously, this place in the future would be as important, because he was the companion of the teacher Phra Khru Wirot Rattanobon as a novice. As the temple WAT thung SI Mueang was rebuilt in 1901, they found an ancient Scripture in which is written, that in the future the Phuphalarnsong Temple Holy relics were kept in.

Phra Khru Wirot Rattanobon, has applied affiliated Phra Khru Wibun Thammathada his students, to build the Phuphalarnsong temple to fulfill the prophecy, as written in the Holy Scriptures. The monastic community had made every effort to build a statue, which is geared to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, as is the construction site on the border of the three countries. This was however not according to the principles of the three characteristics of existence (impermanence, incompleteness and not-self) can be realised. The Phuphalarnsong Temple is in addition subject to the law of Unstreitbarkeit. A growing era of degeneration and age, that is to say, in some years, there are enough monks, and in some years there is a shortage of Buddhist monks.

Up to 1999, as the inhabitants together Luang Phor Phrarangsi, from the forest Temple PA asked ban Kambon, to go to the mountain and to take care of the temple, the Phuphalarnsong to the Buddhist tradition continue to wear. Luang Phor Phrarangsi sent up students of his temple there lent to spend and to take care of the dwellings. These were the old dignified Phra Phun Sanutchituto, Phra Ayan wit Pakuno and 2 novices. Phra Khru Suntorn Sarawat (Sunthorn Sunutro), Chairman of the community, was Advisory Board. After the end of lent, could stay the monks and novices there any longer, because of various problems, unless the procurement of food, that food intake, medical care, infrastructure, the route had to go up and down so that they had to leave the Phuphalarnsong Temple, and in an another temple.

Luang Phor Phrarangsi went up in 2000-2002, to promote the development. He had roads built in the two years and build a road leading to the temple. He ordered things in the temple, and adjusted to the environment. He instructed students to supervise this. Temple, Kambon ban Luang Phor Phrarangsi itself, is returned to his PA.

As a result the students could however not stay there, what stimulated Luang Phor Phrarangsi to think about, why nobody could stay there. He went so even there in 2004. Prior to lent, he erected a tent, as a place of residence for lent. From then on, he began to build living – and sleeping places and gradually won after monks there to practice and to find out why the monks and novices there not thought of it. The relics in the temple should come later, as predicted by the ancient scriptures. Luang Phor phoned the monastic community to come and honor the relics. Currently, the believers who have experienced this customer, come to honor the relics.

Following relics are kept in the Phuphalarnsong Temple:

1 in 2004 discovered relics of Buddha, by Luang Phor Phrarangsi Chantaroim. The permission to keep them in the Phuphalarnsong Temple, was teach on Thursday, the 28th, 2004 (15th day of the waxing Moon in the Monat11 year of the monkey)

Phra Srirangkarn

  1. Phra Srirangkarn has temple to the Phuphalarnsong, before the statue of Buddha, on 17 August 2005 at 17:30. Luang Phor Phrarangsi invited him to build a pavilion.
  2. the old font

A biblical story of relics and about the future of the country etc., who brought the angels Luang Phor Phrarangsi, divided into two periods:

-On October 12, 2005 (day 9 of the increasing Mondes11. Lunar month in the year of the Rooster) to 4 pm, Angel brought the first part of the ancient scriptures, consisting of 4 pages.

-On July 10, 2006 (15th day of the waxing Moon of 8th lunar month, in the year of the dog), Angel brought the second part of Scripture, consisting of 11 pages.

  1. Phra Khiao fishing and Phra Phuttalohit

Am21. September 2006(14. Tag des abnehmenden Mondes, Monat 10 Jahr des Hahns) um16. 00 pm be gifts is Phra Khiao Fangund Phra Phuttalohitzur statue of Luang Pu Mokkalana in PA ban Khambon Temple, community ban Tum, district na Chaluai, province of Ubon Ratchathani.Luang Phor Phrarangsi she invited, to consecrate the Phuphalarnsong Temple.

5 Buddhas right footprint, am28.September 2006 um23. 00 pm
Luang Phor Phrarangsi has discovered the Buddha’s footprint in the area of the fountain Bo Nam Put (Nam bun). Buddha has left this footprint, when he was 50 years old. At this time, he came to Thailand, to introduce to the Buddhist religion.
6 handprint

On August 31, 2008, Luang Phor Phrarangsi has organized a fundraising event to inaugurate the Palm print he had found before the historic cliff.

There are also other sacred places:

1 Wibun Thammatadanusorn Pavilion. This is the place where the relics of many venerable monk fathers are kept.

  1. wall around a Buddha footprint

In the year of 2008errichten, let the wall around Buddha Fu├čabdruckhat Luang Phor Phrarangsi Buddha footprint around, discovered and to allow the Buddhist religious community to honor the Buddha Buddha footprint. The footprint is located by the Phuphalarnsong Temple in southern Richtung2. 5 km away.

  1. the historic cliff

Many stories in the Scriptures are written down over the historic rocks. The stone slabs are about 2 km long. As a source of historical and archaeological evidence, Luang Phor Phrarangsi Phra Mahaphulanka has commissioned to collect the inscriptions and to wear together. This was completed end April2008.