Nakhon sowing Kham

About 400 years later sparked a war to a love story.

Princess Kham Nang and Prince Anuphong cars. Prince Anuphong Chaisenwar the son of King on WAE Chai Sen of Nakhon Champa Sri in Kamphaeng Phet province. The son-in-law of Phra ya Tum thong.

At the time, Phra ya Tum thong had a widespread reputation, since he had King on WAE Chai Saen to the son-in-law, the Prince Anuphong cars to the son. He was married to Princess Kham Nang, niece of Phra ya Thep Chomphu of Nakhon Saen Mueang.

Prince Anuphong ruled his city cars peacefully and wisely. That the city went under, was that there was a dispute between the Prince and the Princess this year. The residence of Princess Kham Nang threatened to break together. There was a flood, so that the residence would be destroyed safely. The Prince asked the Commander-in-Chief, to looking for a new place, where a new city and a new home could be built. The Commander looked for and found the city Mueang BUA. This was a small town but with good infrastructure. There were up to 10 production facilities, where pottery was produced. The whole progress is focused on Mueang BUA. He reported this to the Prince, and they embarked together there.

On the way back, they encountered a procession, including a woman named Nang BUA. She was an exception and was accompanied by many women and men. The Prince was very interested and had about the Chamber maid ask the lady came from which gender. He learned that she was the daughter of a pottery master. It was sent the pottery master, that the Prince was interested in his daughter. This was happy and left his daughter to come home, so that she should to bathe and dress himself to present the Prince Anuphong cars. The Prince made his mistress Nang BUA and erected for them the city BUA. “The residence received the name: Phra Tamnak Phra Sanom BUA”. When the city and the residence were completed, Prince Anuphong intended to hire cars Phra Kaeo Saen Kham as Chairman for the opening ceremony. Nang BUA said, however, that Princess Kham Nang, certainly would not allow this, because she worried. The Prince however promised to give it a try and Nang BUA preparations for the reception. The Prince returned and told the Princess of his intentions. The Princess was very upset about it and let explore whether this would correspond to the truth, which you confirmed it. The Princess was very angry. When the Prince by the inspection of construction work came back and wanted to invite the Princess and Phra Kaeo Saen Kham, she reproached him. He wanted to go to find a new residence for them and come back with a mistress. It was through their anger into rage, that she fainted. The Prince could get her back again.

He suggested that Phra Kaeo Saen Kham goes to the inauguration, and the Prince accompanied ihne and respects him. Princess Kham Nang became worried, Phra Kaeo Saen Kham had never traveled in a different location.

On the 6th day of the ceremony, the Prince to the castle was called back. He returned because he worried. When she saw him, her first words were: “where is Phra Kaeo Saen Kham. You promised to get back together with him. Why you break your Word and leave behind Phra Kaeo Saen Kham alone there?” He replied: “you let align, that Phra Mahesi be sick, that’s why I came back.”

The Princess was again angry and announced that the city in the Rui would driven and evidenced with an evil curse. Again she got such rage, she fainted. The Prince could wake her but again with water.

The next day the Prince departed, to bring it back to Phra Kaeo Saen Kham. When it arrived, entered Phra Kaeo Saen Kham but not the abode, but floated up into the sky and the angels who guard the city, asked what happened to the city. The angel said that the Kingdom was occupied by Princess Kham Nang with a wicked curse. The city and all who dwell therein would disappear forever. Because however, Buddha relics are here lifted, people will find it one day and will be remembered in our history.

7 days later, early in the morning at 4:00 Phra Kaeo Saen Kham was floating up in the sky. After the city fell into ruin, the residence of Princess Kham Nang coincided and was equal to the ground. The Earth opened and moved all the buildings in the depth. Prince Anuphong fled Wang Phra Chueang cars in the Palace, but also this Palace was destroyed.

This is a story from the traditions.