Buddha’s blood

LuangPhor reported the author of Buddha’s blood and Zähnen.Nachdem Luang Phor Phra TokotamaundLuang Pu Mokkalana made and history told by Buddha’s finger nail had, he came across the Buddha’s blood in the WAT Phuphalarnsong Temple. 8 monks and parishioners it held on the 15th day of the waxing Moon in the month as proof. Luang Phor inquired Phra Mokkalana, and therefore know when blood of Buddha in the temple would arrive. It was the end of lent, on the 14th day of the waxing Moon in the month of 11. Even before the reception ceremony was held, Luang Phor received the old font, on the 15th day of the waxing Moon in the month 8. He studied the Scriptures and to gather information about Buddha’s blood. This blood comes from the vomit, which was kept by his pupil, Phra Anont ausspieh Buddha to a meal. The angels saw this and asked then and Phra Anont gave them for storage. Phraya yak saw this and had it by the angels, who gave it to him. He spent it in the town Mueang Phayak Inplaeng and kept it in the top of the Castle. So it was the whole time in the care of Phraya yak, up there in the WAT Phuphalarnsong Temple came. Luang Phor of Luang Pu Mokkalana learned that the blood in the temple came with the words: “He presented it personally”. On September 21, 2006, on the 14th day of the waning Moon in the month 10 to 16:00, Luang Phor received a call from a monk from WAT Pa Kham Bon, who said that something is included in the statue of Luang Pu Mokkalana. Luang Phor made together with other community members on the way. When Luang Phor there arrived he saw that Buddha’s blood and teeth in his hand was the statue of Luang Pu Mokkalana. Then, Luang Phor brought the relics in the Phuphalarnsong Temple.

The legend says that Buddha should have been eating a mushroom dish, shortly before he went into Nirvana. These fungi grow in the period from April to may. In the 6 month, it begins to rain and the mushrooms taste especially good have much poison in itself. In order to enjoy these fungi, wait the end of the rainy season, approx. 10-12 month. At that time, Buddha was 80 years old, but still very strong.

He wondered that he wanted to remain for posterity in beautiful memory. So he decided to eat the mushrooms. He saw that when people are eating poisonous mushrooms, these need to vomit, so that the poison is excreted. If all the poison from the body has leaked, he not so rapidly decayed. This part is written not in the Tripaka. Buddha has weighed the pros and cons and decided on these fungi. Then he vomited piece-blood. He determined the angels to keep this, as Phra Anont worried too much about Buddha and had no sense to take care of it. The Angel took it and went, Phra ya appeared yak. He asked the angels to leave him the blood because he had received anything from Buddha, although he had accompanied him the whole time until enlightenment. So he got the blood of the angels. Buddha said to him “you’ve done correctly, Phra ya yak, be it useful.” There are three parts of the blood. This one is a big part and there are two smaller pieces the size of a Makhamkerns. Luang Phor tells the car still having more than 2,000 years old.

LuangPhorberichtet, that the blood was still not properly fixed and has given in to. That was not the case in human blood. Luang Phor had never made, but then it with relics his task, as he has gotten it. Finally, without background knowledge, he can not disclose this information and not to answer any questions. For this, the Scriptures are used as proof. He has studied the Scriptures and after written down everything grouped together as a thick book. It is written in Thai, in the ancient language, Cambodian language, and serve as a historical estate.