Luang Phor Phratokotama

The story of Luang Phor Phatokotama has already begun in the time of Buddha and finds its way here.

When Buddha was 57 years old, he came to Suvarnaphum. He got to go in the city Kotrphu Thewada Kitutiko, Chairman of the monastic community and member of the tribe of Mon. The city Kotrphu was a small town near the mountains.

There were betel plants that spread like vines across the mountain, called the betel plant mountain in these mountains. Today, there are still these plants. There was also a tree, the sound of Nang Phaya Ngiu dam black drama (similar to Ebenhoz), the largest tree of its kind at the time. Today, this tree is already dead, but offshoots of which still exist. The way up there is difficult and dangerous, because there are still there from the last war, lots of ammunition or explosives.

When Cambodia was still divided, many Cambodians fled to Thailand and buried mines in the Cambodian Thai border. The city Kotrphu is situated in this border region.

Buddha gave Phra Thewada Kitutiko as a student of Phra Mokkalana. Phra Thewada Kitutiko saw that Phra Mokkalana├╝bernat├╝rliche had power and could levitate. He began to admire the religious and wanted to become a Buddhist and prayed that Buddha would come to him.

At this time, Buddha was located in the town of Kosampi, as it is written in the Scriptures. That night, Buddha sent a sign, to test him. Phra Thewachak passed the examination, Buddha was the Thewachak on the next day. This occurred in the town of Kosampi but the Thewachak in the town of Kotrphu, in Suvarnaphum, and Phra Maha Kassapa, Phra Mokkalana, Phra Sawali, Phra Anon added met Buddha. When Buddha shows, Phra Thewachak asked for the relics of Buddha. Buddha cut the right fingernail and handed him over to Phra Thewachak. To his left, the angels called: “Rahu” Buddha gave it at the request of the angels.

Phra Maha Kassapabat therefore, a statue to build. Buddha gave permission and pretended to call this statue “Phatokotama”. Phra Maha Kassapa, Phra Mokkalana, Phra Sawali donated money, metal and gold. Everything was melted and a statue erected for it. It has a circumference of 4 cubits and includes the bones, which have received the Angel of Buddha.

Luang Phor says if we had improperly handled the bones, they would no longer exist. At that time, three stones were taken, large, medium and small, and piled up in three layers. Then the statue was used on the stones, in three layers, so they had to stop. In this way, the relics could flow out. They had to be stacked on three layers, three piles. After this the companion should down dip and carve a dormant Buddha

(The image of the dormant Buddha). While Phra Anon sat as a companion in the cave under water. Still, you can see this picture. This image can be seen even today. We see Phra Anon, as he sits behind the reclining Buddha. To see this image, you must dive. It is located in ban Kae Don, Nam Yuen, a district in the area of Wang Nom Lam dome Yai.

He left it a chisel so that the person who will be King, can become his religious successor. People say that a woman will be according to the legend, namely Princess Prathep.

Luang Phor has come to my attention that Princess Prathep will become the successor, as religious and Royal successor. Therefore, she came to inaugurate the image of the dormant Buddha.

We go back to Luang Phor Phatokotama. The Buddha statue named Luang Phor Phatokotama is very well known. Earlier, Phatokotama has done much for the humanity. Luang Phor Phatokotama is hinauf floated in the sky. When the people saw this, they were very egriffen. When Buddha announced that he will leave the body in the Monat6seinen, people were sad and desperate. Some thought when Buddha in Nirvana, then who owns Phor Phatokotama. Some city men were greedy and didn’t want him. After Buddha in Nirvana, they are spurring a war about but Luang Phor Phor Phatokotama wanted to be with anyone. He floated up, slid into the river and disappeared.

Many large and small towns dig out bricks in the city Kotrphu

The ruler of Nakhon Saen Kham has stolen the three stones on which

Luang Phor Phor Phatokotama did and it built in the city. The other cities that revered Luang Phor Phatokotama, because he could levitate, stolen stones to build houses and cities, so that nothing was left and the town Kotrphu is only a ruin city is. But ruins remain at the Cambodian border and but on the mountain on the Luang Phor Phatokotama was nothing left is stone castles. Again and again, people and took away some of it, because they admired it, that he could float.