Buddha footprint

Then, Buddha came to leave his footprint.

He trugPhra Maha Mokkalanaund Siwali to prepare a place where he could leave his footprint as a legacy for devout Buddhists. Before Buddha came to Suvarnabhumi (Phuphalarnsong), Phra Saribut presided at the city Kosamphi.

Buddha didn’t that Phra Saribut comes with, because if he would have come, Phra Saribut would have listed this in the Tripitaka, he wanted however, Phra Mokkalana to hold this event.

Buddha gave Phra Saribut another task to which he should attend. He moved to Suvarnabhumi, where PhraMahaKassapa and Phra Mokkalana, Phra Siwali accompanied him connect. When Phra Saribut had done his job, he came back to the temple, before Buddha was back again. He could not find Buddha and asked his students whether they knew where Buddha was. He sent his spirit to see Buddha but Phra Mokkala pronounced a spell, so that the spirit of Phra Siwali, can’t see him. Phra Siwali took Earth from India and Phra Mokkala took gold and white gold and mixed it and consecrated it to Buddha so that he can leave his footprint. Buddha was looking for somebody who can accept this legacy. Buddha met with Phaya NAK (Dragon-Snake). They came up from the underworld from the Bo Nam Bun source, and wrapped around the footprint. Buddha told her: “be careful and hide not, what do you wish?.”I am waiting to receive your religious heritage so that it can be carried further in the future.” “That’s good, then you shall have it”. This is what happened and Phaya NAK went back down into the underworld.

After parted ways of Buddha and Phra MahaKassapa and Phra Siwali, who fell in the town Kosamphi.Buddha and Phra Mokkalanagingen in the underworld, to pay homage to the bravery of Maha NAK. It attained the status of a Phra Arahan to become reincarnated in the present day. This is written clearly so in the Scriptures. This is the story of Suriyathat, m.s. and the 5 events. When it isn’t, as prophesied, so everything is over. The religion and the King. finally ended with the President Aphisith the Government and the dissolution of the Parliament. They are the 5 events of the Government. By President Taksin up to President Aphisith, 5 Governments. It is prophesied in the legend and I know the legend. What they do, it is so but in accordance with the prophecy, they are only a character in a stage play. We all have a role that has been assigned to us, we play, and at the end everything will happen as it was prophesied.

As well as the city of Wesali, at times of Buddha. It was not believed that there indeed are Buddha. Then came a major drought and the residents had great suffering. When the city Lord Buddha is asked to come to his town all that changed. It was raining and everything grew and prospered, so it went well the city and the inhabitants.

Suriyathat in Phuphalarnsonggeschah, and this was initially ignored, forced the city into chaos, which spread over the entire world. Volcanoes erupted, rolled over the sea and the earth shook. A storm raged on across the cities and sparked murder and death blow. These disasters will continue, if we are not ready to receive the religion and the King’s successor. We need to prepare us, as it is written. We have to leave this our children and grandchildren, so that they can study the lesson.


The area around Phuphalarnsong has developed late.

All over ISAN has been advanced, and most recently here. Here is the Center, here it’s going to happen.

There were already many people who wanted to help. You had to be restrained but all that was not yet the time. If all people there would have helped, nothing would be left Phuphalarnsong. We would create in the monastic community nothing, and had to listen to not the tales of Luang Phor. Since Luang Phor here, take care of the residents to the care of the monks. Many monk disciples in the WatPhuphalarnsong are currently temples and at the same time there are many people who take care of the supply of the monastic community. Even monks stay here, other religious directions because Luang Phor makes no difference, also he has studied all faiths and thus opened a Centre for all directions. Buddha has given a central direction, and not determined, whose direction is right. It is correct for all Buddhists. However, there are various trends and directions in Buddhism, which spread are all wide. Luang Phor however tracks only the a true for him, direction, as written in the script. Others wanted to have the Scriptures for themselves, but Luang Phor is none other. For various reasons. No one else has looked after, then lived, and receive them. The Thammayut monks believe in Pathum Wanaram Wat temple, namely, that here kept a Buddhist relic, the right hand of Buddha. This was passed the Pathum Wanaram Temple, so that they can worship the residents of Bangkok. But this faith is not faith but greed, because they want to have this relic. This greed goes so far that it is was a curse. Therefore, the mob here met and chaos and murder happened in the temple.

Some people recommended Luang Phor to exhibit the relics. Luang Phor but said that the tooth, the blood and the nail were never really burned alive inside them. Therefore, it is not right to put these relics in a box and to get to various places. This would not do justice to the Buddha’s honor. If we honour not whole Buddha and receive it, the country will never settle down.

Other people in turn made the proposal that Luang Phor present the relics to the blessing of the King. But Luang Phor also rejected out of fear, more disasters could harm the country.

Since the year 2004 to date, the country has suffered many disasters since the violence of Suriyathat has been published.

Luang Phor told the author that this footprint is appeared, in the PhuphalarnsongTempel. But Luang Phor had attention first not this vision. Hidden until he learned from the Scriptures of that was in the PhuphalarnsongTempel Buddha’s footprint, for millennia. He was then on the search until he found the right place. He told his students that the footprint in the vicinity of the Bo Nam bun is source (Nam Phud). In the night of 28 September 2006, on the 6th day of the waxing moon to 23:00.

Luang Phor went well with four other monks and three other persons to Bun Bo Nam. Luang Phor prayed the words from the Scriptures, so the footprint may show. After he had finished praying, fell a tail of light from the sky, like a Comet, which falls to Earth, and fell to a point, about 10 meters from the place farmerhouse sat at the Luang Phor. At the point where the Comet came down, were roots and scrub, which had to be removed. After this was done, they were frightened everybody and admired has been the image that is offered. It was a pure, white footprint of Buddha, in the form of an ellipse. Surrounded by petals, like a Lotus Flower. With a total of 17 sheets. The footprint was on a rock, about 5 inches. The footprint was no mud or dirt clean. Although this has been under the leaves.

After the footprint of the fresh air came, was a response, such as in boiling water.

If you touched it, it was very soft and went after Brown and then dark black and hard. The surface is completely smooth. The stamp has a length of 49 inches and a width of 9 inches. It is the right footprint, and corresponds to the size of the Buddha.

Luang Phor took bricks, then put them to the footprint. The next morning, Luang Phor had his students clean the area and build a wall with bricks and cement around the footprint. He harnessed in a tent to protect it from Sun and rain. He inaugurated Buddha footprint, in a ceremony on October 8, 2006, on the 1st day of the waning Moon in the month of 11. More than 500 devout Buddhists came to this festival.