Thewayak looking Phrayatham

Thewayak received an order to hand over the relics of Buddha at a reasonable person. He took on the search, to Phrayatham.
Thewayak has identified this person with his skills and followed the career of Luang Phor Phrarangsi, from which, he believed that the right person was ers. He warbekannt that this is a student of Luang Pu Yai Mokkalana. After this, he announced the Angel community, that he had found the person with Phrayatham. The angels examined this and sent messages. When there was no more doubt that this Phrayatham is, they opened him the views of the relics of Buddha.  
Then, Luang Phor set the time, where the relics would, namely inaugurated on October 28, 2004. Once passed the relics in the care of Luang Phor and temples had found their place in the Phuphalarnsong, Thewayak had done his duty and went up to Nirvana.