Sattabong Ong at Phayanak

The story of how Luang Phor Sattabong Ong has received at Phaya NAK is also a strange story.

A man from Rayong, is its name Santi, had him they passed. It is an antique piece from the collection of a neighbor. Santi had seen it, he had the unfathomable need to own this and give a temple. The neighbor asked him what he would do with it and was told that it will cost 300,000 baht. Santi told him that he had no money and the neighbor offered him to lend him 200,000 baht. When Santi that piece in the House who dreamed it, that something told him he should this WAT Phupalarnsong Temple dedicate. But he ignored and brought him the Dragon Snake as punishment and banished him in the sea, where he was in the water for seven days. His relatives found him, bathed him and supplied him. He said his relatives then something said to have him, that he this wood Bowl WAT Phupalarnsong temple to dedicate. He did not know that it is to the Sattabong Ong at Phaya NAK shell. Then sit in the car and drove to the WAT Phupalarnsong Temple, and dedicated the temple to the shell. Luang Phor here told them that it was an ancient shell, which had produced the Dragon Snake Phaya NAK for Buddha. It is a wooden shell with carvings and mosaics from glass and mother of Pearl. A very old antique piece.