Buddha’s right wrist

By PhraMokkalana, Luang Phor Phrarangsi learned that on Thursday, 28th 2004, full moon of the 11th month, Buddha’s right wrist as a relic to the temple would come from the BurgSan Phra Phrom is to 04.00 Uhr.Es 9 meters deep into the Earth to come in the yard of the temple for 15 hours and then upwards, in the hands of Phra Phuttachinarat.

Luang Phor Phrarangsi has internally tells this story so strongly the reception ceremony could begin. The Pavilion was prepared as a place for storage for the relic.

Luang Phor Phrarangsi also prepared a feast, to pray these relics. 200 people attended this ceremony. Envoys, emissaries of the district Nam Yuen, Phra Ayan Bunpheng Athichito of WAT Khiribanphot, Phra Ayan Thanom Kottiyano, and Phra Ayan Pramuan Tachapanyo by the WAT ban Bueai temple as well as more 30 monks. Against 19:00, Luang Phor knew that the relics from the depths of the Earth came forth. Luang Phor Phrarangsi had a Lotus Flower tray in hand. Phra Ayan Bunpheng wearing Phra Ayan Noi, the younger brother of Luang Phor Phrarangsi offerings in the right hand, wore offerings in the left hand.

Luang Phor Phrarangsi let the monks speak a prayer, took the relics from the hand of Phra Phuttachinarat and put it on the tray of the Lotus and showed them the other monks to bring in the Pavilion. The other monks spoke the entire time on a prayer.

Then photos were made of the relics, to reproduce it to the view for devout Buddhists. On November 6, 2004, another festival was celebrated in the Phuphalarnsong Temple. Thereafter, Khun Panya Utchakam took a photo of the relics, it was the wizard of the Abbot of the Pathum Wanaram Temple in Bangkok. This impressed so much that he personally came to the temple, on November 9, 2004 the Abbot. He proposed in the Pathum Wanaram to Bangkok to take with these relics as a loan for a certain period of time Temple. Luang Phor Phrarangsi had no objection and prepared to transport of the relics for the February 23, 2005. There, many Buddhists from around the world flocked out to see the relics. Alone this Luang Phor Tahir Chittawaro received donations amounting to 200 million baht in just one month. Luang Phor Tahir Chittawaro invited to be in the Temple in Bangkok Luang Phor Phrarangsi and praised him publicly, because through it the temple at the location was to pay off a debt in the amount of 200 million baht. This man will forever be grateful Luang Phor Phrarangsi. In addition Luang Phor Tahir Chittawaro has pledged his support for future projects by Luang Phor Phrarangsi and projects from 2005.

Here another thing must be described in between. 17 June 2005 came up with the name Srisuttho to Luang Phor Phrarangsi Phaya NAK and gave him 5 crystal balls. These should be dedicated to the relics. Also, the previous ruler brought two more crystal balls of phanom rung itself.

Luang Phor Phrarangsi told that he had a vision and had seen a stone castle, in the middle of the water basin Nong Khaen. “At the same time resounded a voice saying: who is Phanom rung stone Castle”. He had previously never seen these. He ran down there. Around 3 pm, a strange thing happened. It was communicated that he earlier once was born as Princess of the city Phanom rung, the city ruler of Phanom rung and his younger brother had been a child of.

In early October 2006, the shared WAT Pathum Wararam by Luang Phor Tahir with that you’ll bring back the relics Temple on 9 October 2006 in the Phuphalarnsong. On this day, it rained as much as never before. Community members made the pilgrimage to the temple, to wait for the arrival of the relics. To 18:00 all members of the community and monks set up themselves, and to receive the relics back to their place to spend. Chairman of the province of Ubon Ratchathani, as well as other representatives took part at the ceremony, stressed that until that night was celebrated and the usage and glory of the Phuphalarnsong Temple was.