Providence history to the world, religion, home, Civilze age

Luang Phor had already narrated the events of the present. In the future, the civilize existed era. It started in 2007. From 2007-2011, for five years.

The 5 years synonymous with the Buddha footprint, which has left it when he was 50 years old.Luang Phor has received in a ceremony in the year 2550 (2007) him. That was the beginning of the civilize era.

Then came chaos. Now, after the civilize era has reached the 5th year, new things will be.

Buddha says, the world will be smooth, because in the future it will be a balanced government. That is, the people shall have equal parts power and a full democracy will emerge. Justice is the basis of Government. It is big and powerful and in the civilize era will be about the same.

Buddha says no one will be more powerful than our descendants.

Even Buddha himself, still not was grow up as he shook the world yet, just like in the past. He was born as a white elephant, herd of elephants, the father also died.

He was born as walrus, almost all Dragon snakes died. He was born as a human being, a chaos broke out. Who came to power, sparked chaos. The Government however had inventory when a woman came. She came to power, and the men had to surrender. This is the story of the home. After many cities collapsed in the year 2011, this year there was much flooding and earthquakes all over the world. Disaster in the world and then disease. This is the story of the world and the home. It is a good thing and still no good. Something happens, because we’re waiting. We must strengthen us and receive Buddha’s arrival.

We must prepare ourselves and build a prayer stamp (Montop Kaeo) for his arrival. We must understand these things in detail. So we can check the history and the spectators. Luang Phor has announced the ghost law as a basis. Luang Phor used the ghost law to work. Otherwise, he has the situation under control. He used the ghost law as a basis.

He allows the spirits to work, because he managed to run it no back – and -forth. The ghosts for him to do that. The souls of all spirits in the world want to serve Buddha. You want to work for Buddha. They want to serve the work of Luang Phor. These souls have promised in the past that they want to work for this cause, because they get blessings for this work. If they fail to pray and work for Buddha, they will experience suffering.