There are few who really live according to the Buddhist teachings in the Buddhist community. Most are there by tradition our ancestors. Some people turn away from Buddhism, and to other religion, or they don’t know what they want to believe. Some people think that religion can not help them. Most Buddhists donate and pray and hope for their own salvation and that of their families, so that they are free from suffering and enter into paradise, happily living can, without load and burden. You have never thought to live celibacy in order to achieve Nirvana. You believe that it is difficult to attain enlightenment and that there is nothing more then. This is due to the misunderstood translation of the word “Nirvana”. It means “disappeared”. It means placing any desire. You must never reincarnate.

Buddha has entered into our world, to liberate us from all suffering and pain. Therefore, he decided to announce his religion for all living beings, living through the cycle of rebirth. He has spread the religious doctrine until he reaches Nirvana. His religious instruction has been spread in India, Sri Lanka and other countries, to us after Thailand.

Thailand is the place of origin, which was started to write down the Buddhist teachings in the old and sacred writings. Written for those doubts have also interested in the things that have happened in the past and will happen in the future.

Wat Phu Temple plan Sung is as landmarks connected and since the Reliqien in the temple since ancient times with Buddha, since 2004. Since that time, well-known monks pilgrims and authorities to this temple, as would be Phra Sri long Kadam, Phra Khiao Fang, Phra Lohit. The Palm print of Buddha is regarded as the latest discovery. These things happen, so this religion can live. You are an indication for the renewal of religion. The writing in ancient texts is something that has never seen before, what is significant for Buddhism. We ask therefore all people to accept this, to analyze and to accept to cultivate as a history of religious studies and for the future.