The reason why Phaya NAK is so common in this time

Luang Phor explains why Phaya NAK is so common at this time. Phaya NAK is an animal that lives in the underworld. When Phaya NAK will come up, that’s a bad sign. It means that the country or the world of a disaster is threatened. Especially in the capital. It is an indication of the nature. So, as formerly was, that something happens when a Cobra or other snake in the village came. A few years ago, as Bangkok in excitement was, showed Phaya NAK of Mukdahan province.

The author asks how people at that time responded, as they have seen Phaya NAK, because many people believe that it is something special. But, it’s that when a normal person sees the soul of a Verstrobenen, so he’s not feeling well, it’s not a good sign. He is sick for no reason, even some deaths.

Phaya NAK is however something religious and comes from the Buddhist religion. The underworld (Mueang Badan) is the paradise in the underground. People who are born in Phaya NAK, can gradually lose their sins. As to be born Phaya NAK is almost as they would be reborn as a human being. When Phaya NAK in the water, it becomes the snake. When it comes to the surface, it looks like a normal person. When they enter the Earth and leave a footprint, which is as big as a table, we need to watch carefully whether there is a human footprint or the animal. You have to look whether the print large and long, large and pointed, is surface of the base with 4 toes and not 5 toes, because the 5th toe is stunted and sits above.

Luang Phor in the Pavilion has kept the scale of Phaya NAK Sri Suttho. He got this because he it was given as a donation. Just as we the crystal balls. Phaya NAK Sri Suttho has dedicated this Buddha and prayed there when Buddha appears, so he wants to donate this crystal balls for Buddha, and Buddha appeared in the WAT Phupalarnsong and he consecrated this temple the crystals. It is but not pure donation, Luang Phor has changed something. A coin with the portrait of Luang Phor Mokkalana and a white cloth. If there is no Exchange and only we get something, there can be a disaster. Phaya NAK bring the exchanged item in the underworld. There is a place where the donations of people are kept.

The crystals as well as the relics are unique sacred items that can not be imitated because it erxistieren only once. We pray for them and keep them in honor. We feel joy in prayer and Buddha accompanied us on the way, if we maintain the religion and spread and after the Thamma teaching us.

The encounter with a Phaya NAK or a soul is done only by our mind or thoughts and means nothing good for the people affected. In ISAN, do they call a monk who can say his prayers and bring donations to the temple, to drive away evil.

Some villagers use rosewood for the construction of houses, tables, or piles, because they assume that this wood is good. But it is not so. Rosewood is much harder than teak wood. Who sells rosewood, are just as guilty, and is arrested. Who builds his wood, rosewood, which parents die, they can not live and must eventually leave it and donate the wooden temple. But the monks are affected. Those who secure their homes with piles made of rosewood, become ill. Luang Phor noticed that one of his monks became ill and went to his abode. There, he saw that the monk had recovered rosewood, that of the villagers was thrown away. After removing it, it immediately felt better the monk.

Also, you should build his abode not in the vicinity of something big. Once a monk built a hut next to the statue of Phra Tokotama, and became ill. Also the doctor could not help. Then, Luang Phor left the hut demolish and build further away back somewhere else. Three days later it went better even the monk. Only the shadow, throwing a large object on the House, could this harm.

Luang Phor had one other thing while a warning particularly but you believed him not. So Luang Phor let them, because often you wouldn’t believe until you experience it yourself, but it can be too late.

And so the appearance of Phaya NAK is not a good thing, even if many people believe that it is lucky that when Phaya NAK appears.

Scientists believe it, they believe in the theory. This is a science that has to be learned, only one can not compare them with conventional science. This is how a divided world. Science, that interests us, this science we need to study, and not with the traditional science of studying religion and magic. If we are interested, we need to examine the individual events. And if we are willing to accept them, she will inspire us, and we will believe. It is not so that we can decide only to a science and think they know everything. We must take every science in itself.

Magic is not only created a few days ago, but there she been on the existence of mankind. Only we humans have not developed further. We have forgotten to understand them. All of this, what is sacred and what we can’t see what has no body, is magic.