Since the monk father Pharangsi of the local residents was asked to the WAT Phu Temple manage plan Sung, he lives there since 2004. There he had a vision of the relics. The monk father can bring after careful research on experience, that the relics, which were deposited in the stone castle of Nakhon Inpat, on October 28, 2004 to ... Read More »

The 12 rules of the Dharma teaching

Amen, I raise the hands over my head and worship the Buddha’s teachings, which he summed up as “Dharma” for us. He knew everything that happens before: each flood, every poor people lack connection, all that, what causes us problems. He will accompany anyone who is good in the sky. He summarizes everything in the M.S. 5. The civilize era ... Read More »

Helping Angels

Luang Phor tells the author that he takes in his work for the religion, the law of spirits throughout. He can work the spirits for spirits and angels, who all work with enthusiasm for him. There are some angels who should be mentioned here by name. In the past, Maha Thep Thub Mali, was a dignitary (Phra where) and installer ... Read More »

Wang Phra Nipphan

As Luang Phor still novice in the WAT Sri Phrom Temple was, he has a vision in which he saw go Phra Balakrishna in the area of the Phuphalarnsong Temple and in the vision to him, a voice said: “This place is Wang Phra Nippan”. What does that mean? It means that the bottom of the Phuphalarnsong Temple, is the ... Read More »

The reason why Phaya NAK is so common in this time

Luang Phor explains why Phaya NAK is so common at this time. Phaya NAK is an animal that lives in the underworld. When Phaya NAK will come up, that’s a bad sign. It means that the country or the world of a disaster is threatened. Especially in the capital. It is an indication of the nature. So, as formerly was, ... Read More »

Phra KET-Phra Kan

Phra KET, Phra kan and Phra Sri Suwan Mani, is the story of Nakhon Saen Kham. These are stories of the town Nakhon Saen Kham. Phra KET is a Buddha statue with the name KET, as well as the other two, a total 3 statues. Phra Sri Suwan Mani was formerly Phra Kaeo Saen Kham, in ancient times also “saeng ... Read More »

Glass Buddha statues

After a short break, Luang Phor retold. In the year 2002-2003 entered Luang Phor Temple, up the Phupalarnsong to research why there are these problems with the building of the temple. He belas himself to and received different information. There are 72 disciples who received the religion. Buddha Luang Phor has intended to accomplish his task here. Everyone else, from ... Read More »

Timeline of Buddhism

Buddha era has focused on the civilize. He brought Buddhism for us in the world for 5000 years. In the middle of the civilize age not at the beginning or at the end. 2550 years have passed and follow it even 2500 years. Phra Kassapa has received for the civilize the religion age The legend says that Phra Maha Kassapa ... Read More »

Age of the arrival of the relics

Luang Phor explains why so many relics are found in this time: this is the civilize era, the era in which appear the most relics. When we look back in the past, about 2000 years, there was still no relics. But at this time there are numerous relics and everything happens. Everything happens when Buddha came. Before Buddha was born, ... Read More »

Providence history to the world, religion, home, Civilze age

Luang Phor had already narrated the events of the present. In the future, the civilize existed era. It started in 2007. From 2007-2011, for five years. The 5 years synonymous with the Buddha footprint, which has left it when he was 50 years old.Luang Phor has received in a ceremony in the year 2550 (2007) him. That was the beginning ... Read More »