Phra Mokkalana – the Apostle

Before Buddha’s time, there were two Brahmin villages. A village called Upatissakham. The Board of this village was called Wangkanta and his wife Sari. They had 4 sons and 3 daughters. The oldest son was called Upatissa but the villagers called him after his mother, Saribut, meaning son of Sari.

The other village was called Kolitakam. The village headman was called Kolita, his wife Katiechick. Her son was called Mokkalana.

Both tribes had their pride and wealth equally. Therefore, they had a respectful dealing with each other for a long period of time. Both sons were about the same age and took care of her childhood on a friendly approach together. They had the same teacher, and were still friends as young men.

One day they were together in the theater, had no fun doing it but both, like the old days. You went to the teacher Ajan Sonchai Parimachok and asked for inclusion. He was a respected teacher at the time. You learned the lesson of Ayan Samuel in a short time and asked to teach even students. However, this did not agree, because he had recognized that the presence of both made no sense. You left the Institute and were looking for other ways, but they didn’t and finally returned. You promised himself, who has found his teaching to teach the others. Then separated the two and searched each of the enlightenment.

When Buddha had enough Apostle to, which could spread the Buddhist teachings, he sent each Apostle in the different villages there to proclaim his doctrine. Buddha himself announced his doctrine and among others came into the temple WAT Weluwan. There, Phra Assachi visited him and stayed with him as a student. In the morning, when both went out to collect their food donations, Upatissa met them. The behavior of Phra Assachi noticed this. He wanted to go to him and ask, but noted that it was inappropriate. So he went forth behind them until the morning course was finished. Phra Assachi then he asked if he could take him on. He replied that he was himself not long in teaching and possibly could teach much him.

He told him: “everything has an origin, the emergence and Buddha taught us the end of this origin”.

Upatissa saw in his eye, that everything has a natural origin and all a natural end.

Then, he asked PhraAssachi where Buddha were. When he learned where Buddha was, he went to Kolita and told him about his discoveries. Kolita hearing this, this doctrine was captured and both went to the Buddha and asked for inclusion.

All of his students studied the doctrine and acquired the status of a PhraArahan. Au├čerd Upatissa and Kolita. Approximately 7 days after the recording stopped

PhraMokkalana in the village of Kallawalamutkham

on and it fell over him a heavy fatigue. Buddha saw this, went to him and told him how he could sell this fatigue:

  1. If you make a promise, you’ll need to follow this. If that doesn’t help:
  2. follow the teaching, you follow. If that doesn’t help:
  3. learn your lesson by heart. If that doesn’t help:
  4. rub both hands over your ears. If that doesn’t help:
  5. stand and wash yourself with water and look in different directions. Then look to the sky. If that doesn’t help:

6 think it is during the day. If that doesn’t help:
7. go back and forth. Clear your mind of thoughts. If that doesn’t help:
8 take a rest. You must lie on the right side but side. Put on the feet. intend to get up immediately as soon as you awake.

When he had given him his rules against fatigue, he said Phra Mokkalana three things:

-You may not affect you to leave. That you’re so until it requires the order, that if you’re included, do it also for the order. You have fixed ideas of how you’re supposed to be recorded. If you have to do much else in the order they are can not much attention you and you’ll worry. This is your free spirit in the way.

-You make friends, not to argue, because who fights he’s talking much and this keeps you from the mediation.

-To avoid the formation of communities of interest, no matter for what reason. At the same time condemn not the community of others.

After PhraMokkalana had followed these rules, he managed the status reached Phra Arahan. He was a strong aid to religion, because he possessed magical abilities, which were stronger than that of the other Apostles, so that he was Buddha’s main apostle.

Also PhraMokkalana had special skills as an architect and received the supervision during the construction of a prayer hall in Mueang Sawatti, which was donated by Mrs. Wisaka Maha Ubasika.