Wang Phra Nipphan

As Luang Phor still novice in the WAT Sri Phrom Temple was, he has a vision in which he saw go Phra Balakrishna in the area of the

Phuphalarnsong Temple and in the vision to him, a voice said: “This place is Wang Phra Nippan”. What does that mean? It means that the bottom of the Phuphalarnsong Temple, is the ground of Buddha. Where he left his footprint, his handprint and his relics. Therefore this place with paradise is analogous to the Wang Phra Nippan. A place for enlightened monks (Phra Ãrìýå). As a parallel universe in this mountain. A cave, as intermediate world for the enlightened, a cool, great place. Quiet and peaceful. Not accessible to normal people. The entrance is located on the mountain the sound Nam bun tree. Therefore, this mountain is so prolific. This world is reserved for the enlightened, before your life goes out, there you can not go for a walk or go for a ride. Only that on this earth are deceased, can there.

Buddha has created these things and places for those who keep the religion and hand down the tradition. For example, who in his lifetime many donations and good things do come to paradise. But where does the paradise? Buddha created it for those who do good. And in today’s world the poor is eliminated from this world, to create a good and new world, like Saddam, which was destroyed, so that a new civilized world can emerge. This world is the civilized world, and will need to do good. Some people believe that this is already the prophesied final phase, but it is not so. Buddha sent still no sign for this purpose. Here, it is good to do our task not only to meditate, and also to act the good.