The ancient scriptures

Luang Pho “the Scriptures” has taken all the major events that have taken place in the Suriyathat era.

According to the information provided by Luang Phor and other community members, there are these fonts already since the time of Buddha. He led the angels to write down the stories of the origin of the relics and the origin of the Phuphalarnsong Temple.

The font in the Phra that Phanom was kept until the year 1902 in the year 8 ad BDH.

There the writing was discovered by two Venerable monks and Phra Khru Wirot Ratanobon you asked for advice. This kept the font in the WAT thung Sri, UbonRatchathani up until his death. After this, knew and nobody saw some of the writings. Until October 12, 2005, at the 9.Tag of the waxing Moon in the Monat11 on the Luang Phor received the first section with 4 pages of Scripture.

On the same day, Phaya has SI Suthonakarat its scales, which he received from his first molt, dedicated to Buddha.

On July 10, 2006, on the 15th day of the waxing Moon of Monat8 to 23.00, Luang Phor received the second part with 11 pages. This second part was kept in the Chedi in Nakhon Champa Sri. This paper was written on paper, which was made of black bark, approximately 4 inches wide and 15 inches high. It has been written with chalk in schlammfarbener font. As soon as the light was out, one could clearly see letters and lines.

The first part of hat4 sites in Cambodian font (Khom Isaan) submitted, acting by predictions to the Phuphalarnsong Temple, as well as drawings for the location of the Chedi on four sides. Records in Thai script are written on the backs, which are already very faded. It is probably records of Phra Khru Wirot Rattanaobon, the discoverer of the Scriptures.

Der2. Part has 11 Bl├Ątter19 sites in Cambodian font (Khom RAM) in Hindu Providence of the treasure, in the form of paintings and drawings on 8 pages written, dealing the journey of Buddha from India to Thailand (Suvarnaphum) and the emergence of the war to obtain the relics, the person who receives the relics,. A picture as Buddha reached Nirvana, a picture of Chedi, the relics are kept in the, a picture to the ways of the relics, a picture of Buddha Buddha’s robe, Buddha’s blood, hair and teeth. The images of mystical symbols, Buddha’s footprint, etc. are fonts in2, written with a total 15 leaves, in words and images on 23Seiten.

Luang Phor told, when he was still a child, he heard that in the future the Phuphalarnsong Temple sacred things were kept in and there will be a person who is worthy to live there. He heard these stories from the old. Later, Luang Phor discovered the writings in the Ho Trai, Wat thung SI Mueang Ubon Ratchathani province. The fonts in the Phuphalarnsong were kept Temple, the temple was WAT thung SI Mueangvon free his curse. He was occupied with the curse that there would be no progress because the faith was missing. Once the fonts have been away from there, people flocked to the WAT thung SI Mueang and supported the reconstruction.

The temple thus became the Centre for the care of the cultural heritage of the province of Ubon. Wat thung SI Mueang Royal monasteries, is an ancient temple, which are other temples nearby thung not WAT SI Mueang however. Currently, there are monks who take care of the monastery, the curse is over. On the day when the curse was resolved, there was a thunderstorm, that shared the sky. This was the time when Luang Phor put the fonts in the Phuphalarnsong Temple. But also the Phuphalarnsong Temple got a curse. The angels finished denPhuphalarnsong temple with the burden that this temple for monks at the provincial level. Monks with different criteria and two religious orientations should build this temple. First they helped with the Setup and maintenance of the, later, everything fell apart. The monks died, so that no one supervised the temple. The villagers sought though, could induce but nobody, until finally Luang Phor up went and opened the era of the relics. This eliminated the curse. When the relics came to the temple, he was freed from his curse.

It’s the same with the North-East (ISAN) region of Khorat to Ubon. The entire region was covered with a burden, therefore this region could not evolve. Buddha himself showed the region with a burden, because the provision is that the region should develop in this era. It should be a great country in that time, Nissan will be great and Bangkok is a small town.

You will see. Many visitors are pouring in. The area has been omitted in the past, because Buddha had a plan. So, like the angels, the Earth, the water, the air and the fire reflect the thoughts of Buddha and drought and concerns to emerge, so that no prosperity can occur up to the present time, blooms in the prosperity and the Buddhism flourishes. The ISAN erected statues and Chedis.

Luang Phor erected in Muang Samsip Khana song a Chedi, several hundred feet tall. As large as a rice field. He erected statues of Buddha, so that development always progressed. Many visitors are pouring in, both Thais and Laotians. This is the end of the curse in this era. Also people come and buy property, online booking, residential areas, so that the prices in the area around Chaluai has grown rapidly.

Luang Phor says still, that er payment to the Scriptures is Buddha’s hair, his robe, etc. are, with images and words, e.g. Buddha footprint, Also, Providence in Buddhist language, Cambodian language and Lao language is written down as the legend of the ISAN into Cambodia and Laos has taken place. There are images of Buddha’s hair and hands. The Scriptures are therefore evidence of the history of religion. A testament to the stories and not a history, Luang Phor has dreamed up.