The 12 fonts (Khamphi Phra ya Tham)

Phra Mokkalana has written this doctrine, it has 12 chapters. You trade the relics, the bones and ashes, the teeth, the blood, the footprint, the handprint. They tell of the story of Phra Mokkalana and Phaya NAK and whose lives are different. The origin of the civilize era. All this is called Thamma teaching. She was written up, so that it can be learned and taught. The last chapter deals with the holiness. It is the study of the magic and that these may never stand on Holiness. Luang Phor has studied this doctrine. If he goes out somewhere and there is a storm, so he prays and the sky opens up. He speaks the words of Thamma teaching. This is a special gift that not everyone can learn.

Who doesn’t see it, must die, must die if you stop it. This is the holiness. Where he goes down and pray, a cool and humid climate. He prays the words and rules, which he has studied and which are given in the legend.

This is described in the first chapter.

The second chapter describes how did Buddha in the country Suvannaphum and from his right wrist. Other chapters describe the history and enlightenment of Buddha. Another chapter describes how Buddha’s blood came from, namely by vomiting, and like Thewa yak kept this. Another chapter describes the history of Phaya NAK, his birth and the 32 life as a charismatic King. And how will this history in the civilized age. It’s about the previous life in different guises. The story about the life in the shape of an elephant, the reason that the elephant has become the symbolic animal of Laos.
Also the story about the footprint of Buddha in the area near the Phupalarnsoong Temple and the willingness to receive the religion and to spread.

All this is written, and was intended, so that we can learn and share.

This lesson will be learned carefully, because who do not carefully learns it and for whom it is not intended, the experienced suffering. He gives some people who explore this doctrine. Luang Phor has studied the last part, Luang Pu Kham Kaning has studied all the chapters. The monks want to internalize the lesson and ask Luang Phor. But Luang Phor denied it, because she is also danger.
There is a script, written down on gold. It is located at Luang Phor. There is one gold and one made of paper. Luang Phor has written the script on paper. While his hand was shaking but. Therefore, Thep Khun Malai helped to make copies.

As he writes on brass came a Flash and let him erblinde. Luang Phor wanted to write it beautifully, two times he tried it but the paper was over. He wanted to not burn it, because he was afraid that this sin was. So he put it in water, so that it falls apart. Luang Phor has in small pieces of torn paper, on which stood the font, and placed in a bucket of water. He put the paper in the water for two days and assumed that it was then dissolved. When he opened the tank, were the letters still on it written as before and the ink not vanished. Luang Phor feared to have committed a sin, and hung up the wet paper shreds in the Sun to dry. By chance his brother came to visit him and he left the flyers pick up his brother. This began to tremble and got fever. Immediately, he rushed home and was sick for three months. On another day a student came to him and complained that he had problems with the eyes and unsatisfactorily could see. Luang Phor scooped water from a bucket of water and wetted his eyes that were now better and clearer. This rapid healing was on the waterfront, where the unfinished script had been lying. Luang Phor scooped up the remaining water out of the bucket, filled it in bottles and donated it to the community. This is the background of the font. She is not for everyone, but only for the one who is chosen.

When Luang Phor yak had met for the first time a Thewa, he rested in the temple under a pavilion. He slept there, and saw in a dream come grim Thewa yak. Luang Phor got scared and ran to the statue of Phraphuttachinarach, to search for protection. He saw a large giant, as he had never seen him before, and wondered where it came from. But the giant also disappeared and later visited Phra Mokkala. When Luang Phor Phra Mokkala stumbled upon.

He was also the giant Thewa yak. He, two piece met also Phaya NAK, when they were still children. Luang Phor asleep he saw in the shape of a dragon, which down here floated Phaya NAK. Luang Phor got scared and ran into the forest to search for protection. When he awoke, it was only a dream. When he again fell into a dream, he saw the same thing again. This time he had but don’t worry, but went up to the Dragon and touched the nose of the Dragon with his finger. Its eyes were giftgrün. When he touched it, the Dragon turned into a man, and both went for a walk together. This is just a dream but Luang Phor had this dream over and over again.

As Luang Phor his fasting time in the WAT PA Nong Kae spent, he saw Phaya NAK, who sought him out. When he saw him for the first time, he came to his abode. He sat there and prayed and behind him was a snake. He said to Luang Phor, that he to the Mae Nam Se ladies should, he’ll see there a person, suffused with goodness, along with a friend.

Later Phra Mokkalana Luang Phor met. This is a testimony of sacred magic. There was from before the year 1987 Luang Phor came in the vicinity of the Mae Nam Se Bok River. He knew a lot, a lot, saw dreamed or had a vision and Luang Pu Mokkalana told him some things. So Luang Phor learned many things from which he could learn up to the present day. And if Luang Phor says the Holy words, he speaks with Luang Pu Mokkalana, so how we talk to each other.

Luang Phor has learned five years, until he had learned all the words. Lesson he learned two years ago to end the 12 chapters of Thamma. Before that, he learned reproduced portions of the teaching for a period of 3 years.

Since the Thamma has internalized the Luang Phor teaching, he preparing on the tasks of the Phrayatham, the worship of the Buddha and Luang Pu Mokkalan, the establishment of Phra Kaeo statues. If we have learned the lesson, this is our task. Some rich people don’t remember to build something. But Luang Phor does, because the events of the history. Therefore, it can be built from glass and natural stone, Jade Buddha statues. The highest is called Phra Kaeo Moradok. He is from green jade. Therefore, he has the name Phra Kaeo or Phra Rattana Trai. This means the Holy Trinity. Phra phut, Phra Thamma and Phra song. The statue stands for the propagation of religion of later generations and there will be again an argument about, how it was in the past.

In the city of Nakhon Saen Kham Luang Phor has statues, carved from wood, building Buddha 9 called “Phra Saen”. The statues are not the Foundation already finished but still. From history, we know that these statues for the future was created to receive the King.

During this time, many statues are created, but not according to the legend. Getting bit by bit, with the help of other people, at a sustainable pace and not too fast, so that no chaos can result. Because there where many people are working on one thing, too many problems. Even where very rich or famous people involved, because celebrity is not always positive, but caused too many problems.

At times by Phra Sapkal, PhraSaen, Phra Saenkham, Phra Saenthong, Phra Ngoen, Phra Kead, Phra crane, as Phra Saen was no longer in the history and had disintegrated, were these famous in Chiang Saen Chiang Khong. A city of Khom. According to the story, Phra Saen there was born. The Mon lived in the South of Myanmar. The Burmese were all there. You carve various statues and various forms. As Buddha-dressed or lying. This people had sense for the religious expression by their fine art.

The vessels for food carried pictures of Phaya NAK. An animal with seven features. A snake with a proboscis, like an elephant, legs like a horse. It looks like the horse of the Chinese, brings happiness, hence it is said: Bong Ong at bat animal. It sits at the foot of Buddha and is revered by the Burmese. It means who do not worship it, bad will ride again the.

Again, this is a strange story. In the province of Rayong, there was a man named Santi. He has donated it. It is a piece of antique, which received a Mon Santi, a neighbor of his. He begged to get it, donate it to a temple. The owner wanted to have 300,000 baht and it made the proposal to borrow to buy 200,000 baht for Santi had no money. Santi consented. As he kept it in his house, said a voice to him, that he there WAT Poopalarnsoong temple to donate. He hears but does not and was punished by Phaya NAK. It deported him in the sea, where he was for seven days, until his family found him and brought home. He told his family that Phaya NAK had ordered him this Cup WAT Poopalarnsoong temple to donate. He had not gewus.