Since the monk father Pharangsi of the local residents was asked to the WAT Phu Temple manage plan Sung, he lives there since 2004. There he had a vision of the relics.

The monk father can bring after careful research on experience, that the relics, which were deposited in the stone castle of Nakhon Inpat, on October 28, 2004 to the WAT Phu plan Sung Temple should be spent. He then prepared a reception, by decision giving the monks from the neighborhood, to find himself on the said day at 19:00.

The relics were stored on a pedestal in the temple. On July 27, 2005, were pious monks and novices to the temple and brought 5 Naka as gift glass beads. The venerable monk Intharawinyan, former head of the city of Phanom rung, has devoted two of these glass beads as a gift to Buddha.

After the venerable monk father Pharangsri had accepted the relics, he had a vision, that there must be other relics in the stone castle. Also he gained to the knowledge that the angels even more gifts for the Temple of WAT Phu had envisaged plan sung in future. Two things: The relics, as well as the ashes, which were both in the stone castle. On August 17, 2005 at 17:30 were the Buddha relics in the temple before the Buddha statue kept up and inaugurated in a ceremony.

Later, on October 12, 2005 at 04:00 the monk father the first part of the old document received, 4 pages. On the same day Phaya Sisuttho Phaya Naga has dedicated to the scales of the Dragon, which come from the first molting, Buddha, as proof that this Buddha is worshipped. 9 months later, on 10 July 2006 the monk father the second part of the Scripture received, once again 11 pages. This font is stored in the Chedi, along with the ashes in Nakhon Champa Sri. This font is considered important heart and tells an important part of the history, the path did Buddha from India to Thailand and the detours, which he has made previously, and many more events.

On September 21, 2006, around 4 P.m., the monk father received more relics, which he in the WAT Phu plan Sung brought, so that they can be worshipped by the Buddhist community.

A few years ago, the monk father had a vision of large footprints in the WAT Phu plan Sung, has this vision but not pursued.

Then came the opportunity to study the Scriptures, he learned that it in the WAT Phu plan Sung footprints must be, that are hidden there for thousands of years. The monk father has therefore then started the search, by a point in the vicinity of the fountain, on September 28 and 23:00. He led his monks and parishioners affiliated to the fountain.

The monk father prayed from the old font, so that the footprints in appearance. After the prayer appeared a light, like a star that falls to the ground, about 10 metres from the group. The group went to ascend to the point where the star fell down and saw white smoke. A thick layer of leaves and grasses was approximately 1 square meter-wide at this point, the Group helped to liberate this area so the brush.

When the surface was laid bare, looked all eyes on the spot with great amazement, on what is offered them. A white pure footprint. Round, soft, much like a Lotus Flower, with 17 petals around. As the place was completely cleaned, the monk father has measured the size with his elbow and it turned out that it measured exactly one table.