Helping Angels

Luang Phor tells the author that he takes in his work for the religion, the law of spirits throughout. He can work the spirits for spirits and angels, who all work with enthusiasm for him. There are some angels who should be mentioned here by name.

In the past, Maha Thep Thub Mali, was a dignitary (Phra where) and installer of the city Nakhon Champasak. He was impressed by the Buddhist religion and built five statues of Buddha. Later he moved to, Suvarnaphum, in the area of Ubon Ratchathani. Phra Sri Ariyamet Trai came to him during his lifetime. He traveled from Nakhon Champasak in Laos in the present-day province of Ubon Ratchathani. He got a tusk of a white elephant, which was kept in Nakhon Champasak. When he died, devoted to Phra Sri Ariyamet Trai this Tusk a white crocodile and entered for the soul where Phra white robe. He rode on the Crocodile River and became Mon Wang Wang Hi in the town of Kotraphu, later called this place part “Ketone” because you could see the head of a crocodile from there. At that time, the villagers worshipped the Honorable monk Luang Pu PA Khao. If they wanted to see the crocodile to the rainy season, they called these monks and families came to admire the crocodile. The white crocodile came up then swam. It had a length of approximately 3 meters. The monk sat on the crocodile and swam with him up and down the river. This then died the people gave him the name “Maha Thep Thub Mali”. It pays attention to the Buddhist work, as described in the legend by Suriyathat m.s.. During this time, he is equipped with the full power of Buddha. All images of Buddha. Phra Photisat, and Phra Patchek Phutachao, they pay attention to the Buddhist religion and help. Buddha called this group “Phuttawong”. This group cannot be in the lurch, so how to make Kings on their tradition. Even beyond their death. Earlier, people about the death of a King, has still worshipped this. Therefore, Phra stands where, Phra Ka, Thub Mali of the Buddhist religion still to the side.

Khun Malai: Khun used to be the right-hand man of Phra, where. Trained in warfare and calendar preview, always knowing whether a fight could be won or was followed by a retreat. Khun Malai was the religion in the WAT Phuupalarnsoung helped for several years. When the work was done, they moved back to paradise. There Khun Malai commissioned by Maha Thep Thub Mali, helping Luang Phor the exercise of religion. Luang Phor Khun Malai calls to help problems.

Khun dam, Khun Phitak are also part of the religion. You ensure compliance with of Thamma doctrine in the Phuupalarnsoung Temple. This is the help of angels, Luang Phor can count on so that it is never difficult for him. What about I the ghost? Angel talk about their work. Because the people don’t understand it, they report in ghosts, because they understand them. They all want to help, even the Giants (yak). The Buddhist religion is spread in all the three worlds: humanity, hell and heaven.

The people who do not believe in religion, only know it after her death, only then can you tell it any more and have left to languish in the hell alone.

Somdet LUN: The story of Somdet LUN brought Luang Phor of this even in experience.

This story does not cover in all respects to that which was written in the legend. Luang Phor has survey know that Somdet LUN Hai Ta was born in ban Nong, municipality of Wolverhampton Sai, Mueang Phon thong, Champasak of district of, Laos, in 1853, the son of Bunlert (father) and Kongsri (mother) Sawangwong.

He was relieved without complications after the 10th month of pregnancy by the mother, so that the parents “Thao Lun” called him. As a child, he was very careful, prudent and orderly. As he grew, he learned and helped the family after its forces and facilities. He had already from childhood to a great sense of Justice. The parents realized that and took him to the Temple of WAT ban Nong Hai TA, where he could become a novice. As a novice in the monastery, he behaved differently than the other novices. He had a special gift: he could keep each chapter and each prayer. One day he went to the funeral of a famous monk, he went to the body and saw a small hardcover book, which was wedged under the armpits of the monk. He had the feeling that the monk in smiles and to understand him is to take the novice to the book. This he did, and disappeared with the booklet. In time, he studied the contents of the book and returned to the Temple of Wolverhampton Sai. He remained there until he reached the age for the monastic ordination. At the age of 20, he became a monk in the temple WAT NAK Nimit.

After his ordination he returned and spent the fasting time in the Wolverhampton 哇塞. He was a very conscientious monk and kept strictly to the rules of Dharma. He wrote several books on magic, herbs, and many other things. His magical abilities were legendary and therefore, many stories about him wove up to the present day.

He was given the name “Samret Lun” Samret is a term for a venerable person in Laos, we call this our Somdet. Somdet Phra Ratcha Khana is therefore Samret LUN. On an old picture in the living room of Luang Phor we see Somdet fan made of gold on one side and on the other hand a fan who came from France, ivory. Earlier, people say, there was not the status of Somdet in Laos still, but teaches the picture and something else.

Somdet was the first person who has studied the Scriptures and doctrine in the life took on the Dharma. Luang Phor created a statue of Somdet, as tribute and memory of Somdet. Somdet died at the age of 108. All of his students were full of sorrow. They built a Chedi of the bones in the WAT Wolverhampton Sai, Mueang Phon thong, Champasak of district of, Laos. On research, the author and Luang Phor learned that is high at the position where the combustion took place, planted a bodhi tree (Phot), the now 5 feet. After the cremation of the temple was renamed “Wat Phot Wolverhampton Sai”, and he is even today.