Disasters in every corner of the Earth

The author asked Luang Phor why so many disasters afflict the world.

Luang Phor, says that it connected with it, that Suriyathat has appeared. This has the consequence that collapses to the floor in the earthquake and flood occurs as high as ever. This is the power of Buddha.

Finally, only Sam Rom remains Phot Sri.

Who believes in the Buddhist religion, these sacred things remain. Here an example: In the South, a homeowner has experienced that the floor has collapsed. He was affiliated to join his son in the monastery. The floor collapsed and gaping apart. Nothing was left of the House, but nothing happened to him. Another prayed, if anything happens to his house, he will make a donation and nothing happened to him. This is the proof for the world, that Buddha for his faithful there.

So how then, as Buddha has proclaimed his religion. He wanted to announce quickly his religion and liberated the people from their suffering, so they were quickly convinced. So it is also in this day and age and the religion spread fast and we prepare us to receive, the descendants of Buddha the King. We get everything from Buddha, if we then ask and worship him.

Like this, like the people, asking for something the Luang Phor. They get everything they ask. A professional position or children and grandchildren, because Luang Phor is a Deputy of Buddhas. And if it is crowned by success, people bring different donations to the temple.

That is if the people but not preparing for the arrival of the King, then disasters will haunt us and plunge into a chaos. But by his goodness, we can continue to spread the religion and expand. For example by Buddha statues, pagodas, the restoration of ancient sites and the construction of new, large temple complexes. Where we’re going, because you can see new statues and temples emerge.

Buddha statues of a width of 40-50 meters. Never so many relics were found, such as in this time. Why is this so? If we find relics, it’s that Buddha would send us a sign and spread his religion.

Buddha has sent all these relics as part of itself. You are the main relic: the tooth, the Finagernagel, the blood and the right wrist. As these relics are Buddhas, which have not been burned. You are representative of Buddha. Anyone who thinks this will receive Buddha’s protection