The project

Details on the project and the origin of the Luang Phor Phatokotama

In the Jahre1901 had made former Executive Board member of ProvinzUbon Ratchathani, the restoration of Phratat Phanom Phra Khru Wirot Ratanobon (BunrotNanutaro) and encountered an old script with Khampi Suriya Kotama, (authored by Phra Maha Kassapa and Phra Maha Mokkalana).

He kept temple this in the Tripitaka of the Tung Sri Mueang, in the ProvinzUbon Ratchathani.

After he died, nobody had seen this font until Luang Phor Phrarangsi Chantarosie found and kept as historical evidence. After he had discovered the writings, he began to study them. As a result, he knew that statue, there must be an important Buddha in a relic (the finger nail of the right hand) is kept by Buddha, which, in turn, was an important indication to find the blood of Buddha.

Discovery by Luang Phor Phatokotama

The origin of why Luang Phor Phatokotama could be discovered, began Temple ban Saen Chani, porn sawan, district Chaluai, ProvinzUbon Ratchathani in 1992 in the Saen Chani na.
Luang Phor Phrarangsi Chantarolie├č the temple WAT PA Khambon build (Khambon, district ban na Chaluai, ProvinzUbon Ratchathani), his birthplace. He heard the rumors about the temple WAT Saen Chani, that whimsical things in this would go to, so that no monk there can live. Die monks and novices, so there were rumors, such as E.g. an evil spirit get mischief there.

When Luang Phor Phrarangsi Chan Park heard that, he wanted to know what the monks have died. In the night he came to the WAT Saen Chani, prayed to Buddha and said to himself: “If this is a sacred Buddhist site, then this to reveal to me”.

After Luang Phor 15 minutes had been meditating, felt he, as his body was always stiff and he could no longer move. His spirit was however calm and clear, so he said to himself: “Whose spirit is so great, should he show up, so that I can pay homage to him”.

After his prayer was sitting next to him, Luang Pu. The stiffness out of his body was gone. Luang Pu painting with his hand over his head and touched him three times on his forehead. He said: “my poor son, so many people had to die, I have been waiting for so long”.

You chatted for an hour until Luang Phor awoke from the meditation. It was almost midnight, so that Luang Phor again went back to the WAT PA Khambon (district na Chaluai, Ubon Ratchathani province), because it was at the time of the fasting period (to the back must be until midnight).After this Luang Phor Phrarangsi Chantaroimmer sought the opportunity to meditate and studied the history and gained knowledge of the Buddha statue, which under the Earth on the grounds of WAT Saen Chani Temple is located.

When Buddha came to Suvarnaphum, he was amHua Chang Mountain, Mueang Kotraphu(heutiges Yod Lam Dom Yai, Ban Kae Don, BezirkNam Yuen, Provinz Ubon Ratchathani), together with other Honourable monks. On this occasion, he left his fingernail with a size of 10 inches. The fingernail of the left hand angels have in the world of the Angels with taken and kept there. Because the intention of Buddha was well known to the monks, they build a statue in order to keep the nail there.

They built a Buddha statue made of pure gold, 2.29 meters wide. Then, Buddha left the place. Phra Maha Kassapa had a reasonable place to worship the statue built for residents of the city Kotraphu, which call this statue “Kotama”.

Then, the image of the dormant Buddha was carved with the words in Hindi “Srisuriya”. After this, he returned to India.

After his death, the residents had to Sarvar Mueang Kotraphuim war to defend the statue so that sank the city during the war.

The statue sank Mon-Wang to River Lam DOM, in the area of Wang Hi, and was carried away by the flow up to the
Wat Saen Chani Temple (BanSaen Chani, porn sawan district na Chaluai, ProvinzUbon Ratchathani). Here the statue in the Earth sank today, so that this no one could know.