Buddha’s Palm print

When Buddha was 50 years old, he announce that he would bring the Buddhist religion to Suvarnabhumi.

Buddha and his followers, Phra Maha Kassapa, Phra Maha Mokkalana, Phra Siwali, Phra Maha Kachayana, Phra Anont, went to the Phuphalarnsong in Suvarnabhumi, to visit Phra Thewachak Kittiko, the Chairman of the monastic community. As Buddha Phuphalarnsong had achieved, he went to the cliffs on the West side of Phuphalarnsong. He stroked with the inside of his left hand over the rocks and said: “One day this site will be a historically valuable place”.

As Buddha painting over the rocks, the rock slab leaned forward, to take up this valuable gift. Then, Phra Maha Kassapa planted a tree (sound Niang) from India before the Dragon’s Cave.

Of this variety, there is just a tree on the whole mountain.