The history of Luang Phor Prarangsi Chantaro

Phra Khru Phrarangsi Chantaro, Chairman of monk of Phuphalarnsong Temple, or how the villagers call it, “Luang Phor Phrarangsi”

comes from na Chaluai, Ubon Ratchathani province. He comes from a farming family in ban Kambon, municipality of Tum, district na Chaluai, born on the 13th April1962. He could articulate himself well as a child, had a loud voice and was confident. His parents had respect and even the pets were afraid of him. After the 4th grade he helped his parents of agriculture, until er18 was years old. He had no joy in the worldly life and domestic existence, so he went to the monastery and was in the year 1981Novize in the WAT Sri Phrom, district na Chaluai, at Phra Khru Udom Khunaphorn (Suk), former Chairman of the district on na Chaluai, Phra Upatchaya. This he learned the Buddhist rituals during the Phansa time. The novice Phrarangsi met you Phurittato, which inspired him a picture of Luang Phu. One night he had a vision, that he went up to the Phuphalarnsong Temple and a bright light shone the whole mountain. He saw a number of enlightened and heard the voice of angels, who said: “This is the Palace to the paradise” after he had consulted scholars, the novice came to Temple, up to the Phuphalarnsong to pursue his vision and to find out where the Palace is located. He remained dort10 days internalized all the more intense the religious doctrine.

Later Phra Khru Phipattanakoson made the monk ordination, because there was no one else, who could take over. He got old garments which have been washed and newly colorized and an old dish, which was repaired with wax. Everything he needed, was made from used items. For this reason, he lived the ascetic and restrained. In his homeland, he built the temple WAT PA Kambon.

In the years 1991hatte Luang Phor Phrarangsi a vision vonBuddha, which went up temple to the Phuphalarnsong and instructed him to establish the Phuphalarnsong Temple. At that time, Luang Phor showed no interest for this vision. He thought it was a normal vision, so he did not go up until the 2000. Luang Phor came up into the Phuphalarnsong temple with his entourage and saw an abandoned place, so in his vision. Luang Phor sent his novices, to clean up the area and was Chairman of the temple. The residents of the district na Chaluai support this and helped the Phuphalarnsong temple to a rich and developed place. They built roads leading to the temple and when everything had its order in the temple, Luang Phor had his students represented him. He himself spent the fasting time in the WAT PA ban Kambon.

The novices, who lived in the Phuphalarnsong Temple, could not remain there, prompting Luang Phor there themselves to see. That was in 2004, 7 days before Lent, Luang Phor had recovery pure vision. He saw a crystal that temple brightly shine the Phuphalarnsong left. Later, am7. Day of lent the Twill from Luang Phor collected a green light, so that Luang Phor could no longer move.He had pain in the knees and could not walk, so that he became concerned about the origin of the green light.For this reason, Luang Phor had experience with many miraculous events that have happened to Temple in the Phuphalarnsong. These interesting experiences and are written down in the following chapters.