Discovery by Luang Phor Phratokotama

As Phra Kaeo Saen Kham descended into the underworld, Luang Phor Phatokotama, who was the fasting period there, came to Wang Phra Nang Kham. There is narrow and deep kind of a pool of water. The residents call this place “Nong Dong” earlier the place was called “Nong Kon Huad” shining the light of a snake dragon on a good day there. When Luang Phor Phatokotamaaus of the underworld ascended, he remained there. He went up to waiting for the curse is broken, which is located on the town Nakhon Saen Kham. Steadily more and more water came up at this point. Luang Phor Phatokotama changes therefore the point and moved to the Hill ban Saen Chani. At that time this place belonged to anyone. At that time, the farmers could not manage this area. From there, diseases were raised for no comprehensible reason. The residents do not dare so to build something there and declared this area for public. Later, a temple should be built there. When this was finished, wanted to live there not a novice. You wanted exactly on the spot a Sala build, where is Luang Phor Phatokotamabefindet. When they had built the roof, the roof was not yet covered, and awoke the next morning, the entire Pavilion was upset. Initially it was thought that the design was not good. So they turned to the Pavillion and put the roof on. The next morning, the Pavilion was dropped again, unless something was broken or destroyed. One newly built the Pavilion and had to change the place several times. There were not many monks there. A monk swept the courtyard of the temple at the spot where Luang Phor Phatokotama was. A basin was in the place. The rainy season, Luang Phor Phatokotama revolved until there was a large water basin. A monk there swept up the garbage, threw him the basin and burned him there in the dry season. This has created a heat that could not tolerate Luang Phor Phatokotama. You didn’t know that he was there. At night, the monk wanted unload garbage there, he crashed and died. When the funeral was over, the garbage collected the residents and threw him back into the basin. The Abbot burned the garbage. The next morning, he got up, stumbled, came across the head, and died. From now on, no one wanted to live there. At night, you heard noises as buffalos, cows and elephants through the temple would run.

When Luang Phor heard before this magical place, that no one there would live because an evil spirit there were, his interest was piqued. He wanted to know why. He found the way to ban Saen Chani in the time when Luang Phor the WAT Pa Kham Bon Temple in his hometown built, it was in the year 1992.

Luang Phor has there his relatives that he wanted to visit and attended an annual temple festival. When the singing troupe was the music system, resulted in a short-circuit. The current rose up to the Pavilion in the cables and pylons. The monks jumped all of the Pavilion and Luang Phor, who sat there with dangling legs, frightened, ran but didn’t because he was confused about the incident. Luang Phor saw that she developed a fire on the roof and blew it out. It was indeed, because at this moment the cables were severed. The villagers were very excited about it, had they seen the that Luang Phor had blown out the fire. Also Luang Phor Pharangsri had blown out a fire. At that time there was in the WAT Saen Chani the excitement to the aforementioned incidents.

Residents barred access to the temple grounds as a result all the monks.

Luang Phor wanted to go into the night, but never got it. The next day Luang Phor sneaked in secretly, to find out what the inhabitants so feared. Unchanging, that is there a mental stop with a mandrel head. Luang Phor went in, sat down and prayed. He welcomed not Buddha, sat down to the back to the Buddha statue and prayed “I came here, not to condemn, but to pray with passion. I’m not here to become something, to displace someone from revenge or jealousy. I heard that something holy here is. If so, it should show me and I will freeze like a tree stump”Luang Phor sat there 15 minutes, because he began to solidify. Luang Phor saw emerge a monk, like him, behind the Gebetspavillion. Luang Phor faced Luang Phor. He touched the forehead of Luang Phor with his right hand. Luang Phor was liberated by its rigidity, but could not speak. He said: “why death had repeated so often? What did you so long? Why did you let me wait so long? If the Prince had not come, I would not have thought beyond.” Luang Phor wanted to contradict, by what Prince was the speech. Luang Phor asked who he was. “He replied:” we mean “We hei├čenTokotama” white I, means Buddha Tokotama, but we you mean Luang Pu? “Yes, we.” We are called Tokotama. You did forget it.” He sat down next to Luang Phor, held up a can of Cola, – on this day Luang Phor had Pepsi against the thirst brought 1 can of Cola and 1 box and placed next to it – the monk said: “this proves that you know what is proper, that to get something, anything to eat or drink. Never someone bought me so far something.” Luang Phor was confused. Luang Phor spoke with the monk about what happened in the past. He told Luang Phor of the story and asked him to “remember your home?” Luang Phor replied: “Yes, na Chaluai, ban Kham Bon” he denied this and told him that he was the Buddha’s finger nail. Luang Phor was terrified and wondered how a fingernail can speak and why not Indian, if it was the Buddha by. He replied “Yes, a fingernail can speak” and of course he also Thai and ISAN can talk. Luang Phor asked how he should say something to him and he answered him, he may just call him Luang Pu. When he had finished his speech, he disappeared. Luang Phor ran behind him and saw how he disappeared into the basin. Luang Phor came back to himself and went back to his temple.

In the next few days, Luang Phor went again into the temple, and spoke alone with Luang Pu. Residents marveled that he went in alone and not welcomed the Buddha statue. Wanted to initially not into let him, but secretly entered Luang Phor. When they noticed that it does not happen, they let him go.

Earlier, when others went into monks, bad things happened. Wild animals ran in the village, a snake or a tiger or the local residents became sick and died. But nothing similar happened this time.

Luang Phor prompted a novice, the area where Luang Phor Phatokotama lived, to to put the cart before with barbed wire. Then told

Luang Phor of the events. One night at 22:00 clock sought Luang Phor in the WAT Saen Chani Temple on Luang Pu. He wanted to urge him to get up on our Earth, so that the trailer can see him and feel, and pay homage to. Luang Phor Phatokotama said but when I get up, it’s a great event and things can happen. Luang Phor prayed still further and Luang Pu floated out and stood before him as Buddha statue. Luang Phor had never before seen such a picture. Luang Phor touched the statue even though he was afraid and trembled. When he touched her, he had the feeling that it feels thick and firm and is real. Luang Phor said Luang Pu may stay up and preach with him together in a temple. After a short time, but disappeared in Luang Pu. Luang Phor returned and could not sleep. His thoughts were always with Luang Pu.

As Luang Phor Phatokotama came into the world, on the day of the tsunami occurred the next morning. Luang Phor went to Luang Pu. He said: “you see what can happen when I get up. Such things can occur, if Tokotama is”an earthquake, ranging from India to Thailand. The seas rise, to receive Buddha. As well as a Buddha from the Indra Cosmos to us to abkam. When Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and path was shown at the same time in Nirvana. Then, all three worlds into vibration. So is the story. It is the origin of M.S. M.S. 5 emerged, that it came from the King. M.S. 5 comes from King Rama 5, the former ruler.

He was looking for a teacher. He had heard rumors of a King Lun.
This King-Lun studied the writings of Phrayatham. These existed at Buddha’s times. Buddha let Phra Mokkalan compose the Phrayatham golden leaves and kept in the underworld. Phra Maha Kassapa made records as evidence of the legend. So the people who come after us, have records from the past. At that time, King Lu of the Phrayatham knew fonts. He went down to the underworld, and there found the font with the 12 commandments. He was the first person who found this and studied. Therefore, he knew both the past and the future. King Lun was at that time highly regarded. He could jump into the water and disappear, go to the water, he had magical powers. He could revive dead people to life. A stone to a Buffalo will allow. He could do that in the age of the 5th dynasty.

He knew this and by the magical powers. He got the 12 commandments of him, to participate in this reputation, and went back to Thailand. When he came back, finish