The lion’s head

Luang Phor tells the story of the lion’s head, which is situated next to the dormant Buddha. The story of the lion’s head and the head of Brahma, as well as related to the religion.

The relics of Phra Sri Lankarn were formerly kept in the Brahma Temple in Cambodia. There were the peoples of the Red Mon, the white Mon and the black Mon. They fought for the possession of the relics. The angels do not allow that and gave the relics of the mountains until after Cambodia float in the Brahma Temple. You led people to cut off the head of a lion and to put on the top of the mountain. The residents saw this and laid beside a Brahma head and worshipped it as a symbol of togetherness, because at that time were kept there for more than 2000 years. Since the year 19 for Buddha. The Brahma’s head was in Cambodia. At that time was was he kept in the temple town in Cambodia, called the “Nakhon Intapat”. The people worshipped this time and called the Temple of Nakhon Wat. This is the Phra of city of the temple, Prasat Thom of Nakhon, Narai Pathomsin, Prasat Ta Phrom. The Temple of Brahma. The main temple was the Temple of Brahma. One day a King went there and this place became the capital. The town Lords created temples and places of worship there. People had still another religion, not Buddhism, because the temple city Nakhon WAT emerged from 3-4 thousand years before Buddhism at the time.

The saints of that time were the enablers for Buddha. Therefore, it is called the land of Narai. There are many deities, all with special magical abilities. So also Phra Mokkalana there came down and beatified the animals. All deities but were impressed by the skills of Phra Mokkalana, which he had obtained by Buddha. Therefore the other deities, turned to Buddhism, because they were so impressed.

Buddhism teaches us that we must rid ourselves. Buddha explained that a man must be born and need to know suffering and death. He pondered what he must do to get rid of this condition and finally recognized that he must be the path to Nirvana. Nirvana is the solution to the birth, the pain and death. Who enters Nirvana, has reached enlightenment, and has no longer to die, just as Buddha.

Nirvana is not the end, but a condition in which the enlightened must not die, does not age and feels no pain.