Civilize era

The civilize called manfrüher R.S.., at times of the King dynasty era. Today it is called accordingly M.S. with the extension of 5 = M.S. 5 when the 5 at the end will be, remains of Thailand nothing more left. The continued existence of the Royal hierarchy must be secured. Then there would be no royal dynasty. M stands for Mangorn (Dragon), as it was previously. Today, we have instead 5 Governments. The letter M stands for Mangorn. The Dragon is Groß(-artig). Where there is S. M., support, and we received the King. Therefore there must be age 5 dynasties in the M.S and 5 Governments.

By Taksin to Aphisit 5 Governments in M.S are it. Then arises is a complete civilize era.

At this time, there was much turmoil. And these things are written all in the legend, no matter whether it is policy or to worldly things. But everything is set and has its purpose. It happens not by alone, armed or greed. Everything that happens, it happens due to Suriyathat.

When he appeared is the earth shook and a chaos broke out. Diseases, destruction and poverty. It happened with all the elements, Earth, air, fire and water. Here is the legend that a cry rang out “Ku Ku Su Suvarnabhumi”. Monks in their orange robes and novices in their yellow robes came in groups, and saw what had prophesied Buddha.

So exclaimed the Suvarnabhumi in the country in the past. Suvarnabhumi airport was marshland, now it is a perfect Center. We have recorded it and now, Suvarnabhumi is a place that is known all over the world. Feared and known. Suvarnabhumi means publicize Thailand also make known.

This story is written in Brokenheart. Everything that is written there, is explained in the present. However, we do not know when it will happen.

The whole world wondered what is happening in Thailand. What happens in the world. They didn’t know that Suryathat has appeared.

When Buddha appeared and announced to the religion. Buddha’s appearance alone. Finding of the relics was wonderful and strong. In this world, there are only three pieces: fingernail, teeth and blood. These three relics. You coming with the appearance of Buddha, because these parts of the body are not burned.

So, as Buddha would still be alive.

We can share these things, like religion.

The parts of the body that are burned and are therefore dead, as right wrist, his bones, but the parts that are not burned alive. They are called Buddhist relics, such as the tooth, the blood and the finger nail. They can pass on to future generations. You are in the WAT Phupalarnsong kept.

The author asked Luang Phor to tell the story of the Buddhist relics: the ash and the right wrist.

After the death of Buddha, a burning ceremony was performed on the eighth day of the waning Moon in the month 6. After the ceremony, the remains were divided into 8 parts.

They wanted to build pagodas to keep the bones there, all over the place in all directions, so that all Buddhists have the opportunity to worship.
In the year 12 after Buddha, there was a handover ceremony for the right hand and the ashes. This was passed to Phra Tewachak Kittiko, the Chairman of the monastic community. These were presented to the city of Hongsawadi in the Suvarnabhumi of district of. The relics were stored there for a year. In the year 13 after Buddha there was war because of the relics. Phra Tewachak then brought the relics in the city Sibsong Panna, North of Suvarnabhumi. He built a Chedi and kept the relics there.

6 months later a relics war flared up again. Phra Tewachak brachtedaraufhin the relics in the city Saen (the city is up-to-date, Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai province) Phra Tewachak called all the rulers of the rich Suvarnabhumizusammen to reach a peaceful agreement on keeping the relics. He announced that the city, which first built a Chedi is there to preserve the relics, will receive the relics.

Phra Anya Ong WAE, ruler who left City Nakhon Champa SI, built the castle of Intapat. The bones should be kept in this. The other ruler came and examined the Castle. They were mutually appropriate the Castle, and let the bones store. There were 16 years and once again sparked a war for the relics. Phra Tewachak had to find so a new hiding place for the relics, in the castle of San Phra Phrom. There lived a giant and guarded the Castle. Phra Tewachak was able to convince the giant of them to take care of the relics. He handed him the relics and entrusted him with the task, make sure and gave him the official blessing of all sovereigns.

As the handover was done, Phra Tewachak, addressed all sovereigns and asked to end the war. Then he wrote the history of the relics in the Scripture as historical Nachweis.Als he about had written up, he kept the font in the castle of San Phra Phrom. He died in A.d. 30 to Buddha.