Buddha’s right hand print

in 2004, 7 days before the beginning of lent, this incident has occurred, which resulted in the name “Suryathat”. Luang Phor returned from a ceremony from the Phibun of district of. He was tired and rested in front of his house. He meditated and concentrated on his breathing to relax. He saw a blurred picture of a ball, but oblong shape, like a Lipo bottle with green light. As he closed his eyes, turned the ball and pushed it into his stomach. Luang Phor immediately opened his eyes and felt very strange. He found it strange that he had such a vision, he had hardly started to meditate, because ströhmte light in. So he finished the meditation, and left the post.

4-5 days later felt Luang Phor ill legs ached him, it hurt him and it hurt and he agonized. His legs were aching very and his knee, he could not run and do not move. A student gave him a massage, but it was not better. Luang Phor thought, since he did not know the cause and no medicine helped. Luang Phor meditated on and saw a whirlwind, as fast and strong as a tornado. This wind ströhmte in the stomach of Luang Phor and came out again. Luang Phor had the feeling that his soul from him would go out, away fly over the forest and over the mountain. He tried to attack a tree, to stop, but the trees broke off because the wind was too strong. He came to a stop at the ruins of a castle. Luang Phor heard the voice of an Angel, who said to him “why are you so sturr? Don’t you know that Buddha has come to you? “Luang Phor knew that Buddha has concluded a long time ago in the Nirvana, then how would he be with him?” He had said this is in his mind but the angel answered “a relic of the Buddha will come to you” Luang Phor wondered whether concrete or symbolic. The Angel replied that it was a true relic and not far from here. Luang Phor said that the relic of Buddha may rise up so he can see it and can believe that it is a relic of Buddha.