Phra KET-Phra Kan

Phra KET, Phra kan and Phra Sri Suwan Mani, is the story of Nakhon Saen Kham. These are stories of the town Nakhon Saen Kham. Phra KET is a Buddha statue with the name KET, as well as the other two, a total 3 statues. Phra Sri Suwan Mani was formerly Phra Kaeo Saen Kham, in ancient times also “saeng Kham Phra Kaeo” a statue out shone the light called. I later changed the name “Phra Kaeo Saen Kham”. As it is called, if it is made of stone or jade. Phra Kaeo BUA Kham has can be build as a gift for the city Mueang BUA. Phra Kaeo bun Kham was intended for Nakhon Saen Mueang Phra Kaeo Saen Kham of Nakhon Saen Kham, each statue had thus their destination; There are now 20-30 statues of this kind. Phra Kaeo Wiang Kham is the province of Khon Kaen. Phra Kaeo Suwan Saen is Sirinthorn, Phra Kaeo Suphot khanti district Hua Saphan, Phra Kaeo Suriya in the district thali, Phra Kaeo Srisutho in the WAT Kaeng Muang Temple, Phra Kaeo Sri Phaithun in the Wat Phra Kaeo Ratmani is located in the district-Kham Muang and Nong Bong Temple. The creation of these statues is the tradition of the religion.

All these statues designed by Luang Phor and none resembles the other. For the creation of statues, Luang Phor had some sponsors and partly not. Luang Phor made after this, depending on the resources and possibilities. Luang Phor has healing powers. If someone comes to him, to be freed from disease or suffering, Luang Phor saves the donations received for this purpose and uses it for religious purposes.