Glass Buddha statues

After a short break, Luang Phor retold. In the year 2002-2003

entered Luang Phor Temple, up the Phupalarnsong to research why there are these problems with the building of the temple. He belas himself to and received different information.

There are 72 disciples who received the religion. Buddha Luang Phor has intended to accomplish his task here. Everyone else, from close and far, that come here and help, have been destined. Luang Pu Yai Mokkalana said that Luang Phor came Yothaya in the past from the city in India. He was a student of Luang Pu Mokkalana and joined the religion. Luang Phor was very good at the time but not successful. He asked Buddha to support. He does not support the first time, also fails the second time, but the third time Buddha gave his support to this work.

Luang Phor took an oath before Luang Pu Mokkalana, before Buddha as eye-witnesses, that these students, no matter where and when it is born, will be always loyal Luang Pu Mokkalana as a spirit or a man, even if it is already in Nirvana, Luang Pu Mokkala may only protect him. Luang Pu Mokkalana said.

As then, Luang Phor was born in its current guise since his childhood, he dreamed of Luang Pu Mokkalana. At that time he didn’t but still it’s Luang Pu Mokkalana. When he was sick, he had been dreaming of ghosts. He cried and ran away and met each time with Luang Pu Mokkalana. Even when he was ordained a monk, he saw Luang Pu Mokkalana. He studied and researched about what had happened to him, until he understood and accepted it. He was looking for evidence from around the world, so also testament to the relics. Accepted, thus he revered Luang por Mokkalan as his mentor. He draws his image from his visions, so that the next generation knows that this Phra Mokkalana. The trigger was the meeting in the WAT Saenchani. Then Luang Phor cried out after the major events and after came the relics in the temple.