Suriyathat Emerges

When he had spoken this request, the relic went up in the air as a bright light which shone the whole sky. The angels announced 3 times, one after the other “Suryathatist in appearance entered, entered Suryathatist in appearance, joined Suryathatist in appearance”.

Luang Phor was very frightened. Everything was filled with great joy, the earth shook and the rain descended, like from a waterfall, just as a man would cry. Then the angels took back again Luang Phor in his body. When Luang Phor came to himself, he opened the door and crawled out. He lit candles and incense and prayed: “if what is revealed to me, is true – and why should it be true, when I’ve seen so – so should my legs be healthy again and I go back, like a healthy man. I will prepare a suitable venue for the arrival”. After this prayer, he withdrew to his room and rested. When he awoke the next morning, he could be, but still not healthy. When he was in great pain, he called his disciples, and asked him to help him to prepare hot water and herb presses. The students who prepared the herbal press, Luang Phor said that they are still very hot. As he put it on the legs of Luang Phor however, this said, that he feels nothing. The students stopped short and warm it again. As he put it once again on Luang Phors legs, same thing happened. This is due to Suriyathat. Because the angels have announced that Suriyathat is entered in appearance. Suriyathat is the bright light of Buddha. The relic of Buddha has entered appearance, entered Suriyathat in appearance.

Luang Phor asked therefore Luang Pu Nophasit to prepare a sticker for the car with the inscription: “Suriyathat occurred in appearance”. After Luang Phor had this incredible experience, he began to study the stories of Buddha’s relics. He began the stories Buddha’s times to understand.

Indian past, as Buddha enlightenment gained religious Mystics preached his religion and explains. “Buddha was born, was born Buddha, Buddha is born” 3 times. This is the origin of the Buddha for the elderly of all time. The term “Suriyathat has entered appearance” means: Buddha was born, he published his skills, his body. Suriyathat occurred in appearance, this brought the four elements of Earth in the swaying. Earth, water, air and fire were on the move. An earthquake broke out, it was raining, storms raged. Everything broke out, Earth, water, air and fire, to receive Buddha. When Buddha entered in appearance, was m.s., was m.s., was M.S.,. This is the age of civilize.