The historic cliff

This story is written in the Scriptures has received LuangPhor. This history has left Buddha as evidence for those who will announce it. Luang Phor had not these writings, he would also have no evidence of what had happened. Therefore, this font is a historical evidence.

Luang Phor has translated the content transferred from the original and studied and summarized the individual stories. When Buddha was 50 years old, he left his footprint in Phuphalarnsong. “” He came to the historic cliff painting first with the Palm over the rocks and said: “This rock will be a historical place in the future”. Then he took two steps and stroking with both hands on the wall and said: “Even this rock will be a historical place in the future, it may be achieved”.

Phra Maha Kassapa Phra Maha Mokkalana, Phra Siwali stood as a witness for him. Then, Buddha went up even further. Slightly earlier took Phra Siwali color and markings at the site were from the hand prints of Buddha.

Then PhraMaha Mokkalana, and Phra Siwali should remove the stone that had closed a water source (Bo Nam Bun), so that water bubbled out. Buddha said, water will Gush forever from this source.