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Disasters in every corner of the Earth

The author asked Luang Phor why so many disasters afflict the world. Luang Phor, says that it connected with it, that Suriyathat has appeared. This has the consequence that collapses to the floor in the earthquake and flood occurs as high as ever. This is the power of Buddha. Finally, only Sam Rom remains Phot Sri. Who believes in the ... Read More »

Phra Mokkalana – the Apostle

Before Buddha’s time, there were two Brahmin villages. A village called Upatissakham. The Board of this village was called Wangkanta and his wife Sari. They had 4 sons and 3 daughters. The oldest son was called Upatissa but the villagers called him after his mother, Saribut, meaning son of Sari. The other village was called Kolitakam. The village headman was ... Read More »

Buddha’s hair

When Buddha’s hair came to us in the world, the world was completely dark. The world of angels was dark, because everything had to be completed, so that the hair could come to us. Otherwise the angels could not leave this us. The hair came to us, so that we humans can worship you and we can make an image ... Read More »

The lion’s head

Luang Phor tells the story of the lion’s head, which is situated next to the dormant Buddha. The story of the lion’s head and the head of Brahma, as well as related to the religion. The relics of Phra Sri Lankarn were formerly kept in the Brahma Temple in Cambodia. There were the peoples of the Red Mon, the white ... Read More »

Sattabong Ong at Phayanak

The story of how Luang Phor Sattabong Ong has received at Phaya NAK is also a strange story. A man from Rayong, is its name Santi, had him they passed. It is an antique piece from the collection of a neighbor. Santi had seen it, he had the unfathomable need to own this and give a temple. The neighbor asked ... Read More »

Phra Sri long Kadam

Luang Phro Pharangsi tells that the relics of Phra Sri long Kadam from India have come together with the right wrist, as main relics, since they are larger than all other relics. Phra Phrom, Phra Thewachak Kittiko had hidden these relics in the stone castle. A giant had guarded them and they’ve come from the stone castle temple to the ... Read More »

Buddha’s right wrist

By PhraMokkalana, Luang Phor Phrarangsi learned that on Thursday, 28th 2004, full moon of the 11th month, Buddha’s right wrist as a relic to the temple would come from the BurgSan Phra Phrom is to 04.00 Uhr.Es 9 meters deep into the Earth to come in the yard of the temple for 15 hours and then upwards, in the hands ... Read More »

Buddhas tooth

Buddha’s tooth and Buddha’s blood came at the same time and were very impressed by Luang Phor. Luang Phor didn’t before, that also a tooth of the Buddha would come, so asking he Phra Mokkalana, and learned that there were three things of Buddha, which have not been burned: be fingernail be blood be tooth Luang Phor found the relics ... Read More »

Buddha’s blood

LuangPhor reported the author of Buddha’s blood and Zähnen.Nachdem Luang Phor Phra TokotamaundLuang Pu Mokkalana made and history told by Buddha’s finger nail had, he came across the Buddha’s blood in the WAT Phuphalarnsong Temple. 8 monks and parishioners it held on the 15th day of the waxing Moon in the month as proof. Luang Phor inquired Phra Mokkalana, and ... Read More »

Buddha footprint

Then, Buddha came to leave his footprint. He trugPhra Maha Mokkalanaund Siwali to prepare a place where he could leave his footprint as a legacy for devout Buddhists. Before Buddha came to Suvarnabhumi (Phuphalarnsong), Phra Saribut presided at the city Kosamphi. Buddha didn’t that Phra Saribut comes with, because if he would have come, Phra Saribut would have listed this ... Read More »