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Bo Nam bun

When Buddha went to the cliffs of Phuphalarnsong, in Suvarnabhumi, to visit Phra Thewachak Kittiko, Phra Maha Kassapa and PhraMaha Mokkalana Buddha asked to bless the waters in the vicinity of the Dragon’s lair. Buddha would not allow it but, because there was not enough water. Buddha came to the cliffs to the Phra Siwali had left some marks as ... Read More »

The historic cliff

This story is written in the Scriptures has received LuangPhor. This history has left Buddha as evidence for those who will announce it. Luang Phor had not these writings, he would also have no evidence of what had happened. Therefore, this font is a historical evidence. Luang Phor has translated the content transferred from the original and studied and summarized ... Read More »

Buddha’s Palm print

When Buddha was 50 years old, he announce that he would bring the Buddhist religion to Suvarnabhumi. Buddha and his followers, Phra Maha Kassapa, Phra Maha Mokkalana, Phra Siwali, Phra Maha Kachayana, Phra Anont, went to the Phuphalarnsong in Suvarnabhumi, to visit Phra Thewachak Kittiko, the Chairman of the monastic community. As Buddha Phuphalarnsong had achieved, he went to the ... Read More »

Building material for the construction of Luang Phor Phratokotama

Breite9Meter height 16Meter (statue only) Steel 16mm. 100Stück Steel 12mm. 150Stück Steel 6mm. 20 Drahtbuendel25buendel Brick 1,000Stück Steine60Kubik Sand60Kubik Portland Zement(Chang Daeng) 500Säcke Mischzement5saecke Wood Dicke3Länge4Meter 200Stück Sperrholz100mm. QualitätA 25Bretter Nägel3 1Kiste Nägel4 1Kiste Nägel1. 5 5Kilogramm Lehm20Kilogramm New engine oil 20Liter Diesel10Liter Gefaess200liter38stueck Kabelbinder1Duzend Hammer8stueck Sicherheitshandschuhe5Kartons Aluminiumblech5stueck Hammer8stueck Spachtel10stueck SchraubenNr. 21Länge3Zoll with Muttern300Stück Bohrer3stueck Bohreinsatz6mm. Fabric gloves, cement bucket, ... Read More »

Name of the members of the Board of the project to the publication

1 – Chairman of ProvinzUbon Ratchathani (T) Chairman of the project 2.Phra Khru Thamma PharangsiChantaro -ABT of the Phuphalarnsong Temple, district na Chaluai, Ubon Ratchathani province of Chairman of the project 3.Phra Palatchairat Phuripanyo -ABT of WAT Phon thong, ban Huai due, village Group 3,GemeindeNam ThumBezirkThaliProvinz Loei Suriyathat civilize branch 5, Board Oprations 4.Phra Paladsacha Sutuchituto -ABT of WAT Chom ... Read More »

Details of the project

When Luang Phor had brought Phrarangsi Chan Park more to experience, he took the time, to do so, the inhabitants of vonSaen Chanimitzuteilen. He made it with lots of patience, informed his students first and then spread the information always broader. Life in the WAT Saen Chani Tempelbegann to normalize and monks and novices there spent their time of fasting. ... Read More »

The project

Details on the project and the origin of the Luang Phor Phatokotama In the Jahre1901 had made former Executive Board member of ProvinzUbon Ratchathani, the restoration of Phratat Phanom Phra Khru Wirot Ratanobon (BunrotNanutaro) and encountered an old script with Khampi Suriya Kotama, (authored by Phra Maha Kassapa and Phra Maha Mokkalana). He kept temple this in the Tripitaka of ... Read More »

Discovery by Luang Phor Phratokotama

As Phra Kaeo Saen Kham descended into the underworld, Luang Phor Phatokotama, who was the fasting period there, came to Wang Phra Nang Kham. There is narrow and deep kind of a pool of water. The residents call this place “Nong Dong” earlier the place was called “Nong Kon Huad” shining the light of a snake dragon on a good ... Read More »

Nakhon sowing Kham

About 400 years later sparked a war to a love story. Princess Kham Nang and Prince Anuphong cars. Prince Anuphong Chaisenwar the son of King on WAE Chai Sen of Nakhon Champa Sri in Kamphaeng Phet province. The son-in-law of Phra ya Tum thong. At the time, Phra ya Tum thong had a widespread reputation, since he had King on ... Read More »

Phra Kaeo Saen Kham

Luang Phor Phra Tokotama descended by the River in the underworld, to spend the fasting time. Over 10 years later, after Buddha in Nirvana, Phra Siwali, Phra Maha Kachai and the town Prince of Intapat Phra Kaeo Saen Kham have built and kept the relics of Buddha there in the head piece. At that time, the town Nakhon Saen Kham ... Read More »