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Luang Phor Phratokotama

The story of Luang Phor Phatokotama has already begun in the time of Buddha and finds its way here. When Buddha was 57 years old, he came to Suvarnaphum. He got to go in the city Kotrphu Thewada Kitutiko, Chairman of the monastic community and member of the tribe of Mon. The city Kotrphu was a small town near the ... Read More »

The arrival of Phra Sri Langkan

After Luang Phor received the right hand of Buddha as a relict of the Phra Sri Langkan, which brought the angels of India, brought together with Buddha of right hand and in the same place has, on 28 October 2004, Luang Phor frequently told his students from the ruins of a castle of Nakhon Champa Sri, in an another relic ... Read More »

Thewayak looking Phrayatham

Thewayak received an order to hand over the relics of Buddha at a reasonable person. He took on the search, to Phrayatham. Thewayak has identified this person with his skills and followed the career of Luang Phor Phrarangsi, from which, he believed that the right person was ers. He warbekannt that this is a student of Luang Pu Yai Mokkalana. ... Read More »

Civilize era

The civilize called manfrüher R.S.., at times of the King dynasty era. Today it is called accordingly M.S. with the extension of 5 = M.S. 5 when the 5 at the end will be, remains of Thailand nothing more left. The continued existence of the Royal hierarchy must be secured. Then there would be no royal dynasty. M stands for ... Read More »

Suriyathat Emerges

When he had spoken this request, the relic went up in the air as a bright light which shone the whole sky. The angels announced 3 times, one after the other “Suryathatist in appearance entered, entered Suryathatist in appearance, joined Suryathatist in appearance”. Luang Phor was very frightened. Everything was filled with great joy, the earth shook and the rain ... Read More »

Buddha’s right hand print

in 2004, 7 days before the beginning of lent, this incident has occurred, which resulted in the name “Suryathat”. Luang Phor returned from a ceremony from the Phibun of district of. He was tired and rested in front of his house. He meditated and concentrated on his breathing to relax. He saw a blurred picture of a ball, but oblong ... Read More »

History of Suriyathat

The Phuphalarnsong is a temple associated with the Maha Nikaya clergy. The national Buddhism Office announced the establishment of the Phuphalarnsong Temple am1. May 2007. The temple is on the Summit of Phalarnsong mountain built (the word “Phalarnsong” meaning stone plateau), na Chaluai is 4 km east of the district. This temple is promoted na na Chaluai of Ubon Ratchathani ... Read More »

The 12 fonts (Khamphi Phra ya Tham)

Phra Mokkalana has written this doctrine, it has 12 chapters. You trade the relics, the bones and ashes, the teeth, the blood, the footprint, the handprint. They tell of the story of Phra Mokkalana and Phaya NAK and whose lives are different. The origin of the civilize era. All this is called Thamma teaching. She was written up, so that ... Read More »

The ancient scriptures

Luang Pho “the Scriptures” has taken all the major events that have taken place in the Suriyathat era. According to the information provided by Luang Phor and other community members, there are these fonts already since the time of Buddha. He led the angels to write down the stories of the origin of the relics and the origin of the ... Read More »

The history of Luang Phor Prarangsi Chantaro

Phra Khru Phrarangsi Chantaro, Chairman of monk of Phuphalarnsong Temple, or how the villagers call it, “Luang Phor Phrarangsi” comes from na Chaluai, Ubon Ratchathani province. He comes from a farming family in ban Kambon, municipality of Tum, district na Chaluai, born on the 13th April1962. He could articulate himself well as a child, had a loud voice and was ... Read More »